Echoes Playlist

June 17-21, 2002

Following is a listing of the musical selections airing on Echoes for the week of June 17-21, 2002.  The dates on the playlists are the dates the programs are distributed to stations.  Please check the program ID number to verify the program if your station broadcasts the program on a different day than it is distributed.

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Tuesday 06/18/02
Tina Malia is a child of the sixties, even though she's only 24. A gifted guitarist and pianist, she draws her inspiration from a pastoral vision of the world, with influences ranging from Joni Mitchell and Loreena McKennitt. Living in Marin County, she's just released her solo debut SHORES OF AVALON (Omtown), playing music that goes all the way back to when she was sixteen. An unabashed hippie in an age of corporate suits and cause-free punks, Tina Malia paints a picture of a more utopian world.

Wednesday 06/19/02
Ex-Pretenders drummer James Hood talks about his ambient persona, Moodswings and his new masterpiece, HORIZONTAL (Water Music). James Hood came to renown as a rock drummer, especially with The Pretenders. But the British-born musician began hearing a more expansive, electronic sound and started recording as Moodswings. In the early 90s he had a dance hit with the song, "Spiritual High," featuring vocals by The Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde. Hood's new Moodswings album, HORIZONTAL, is a double CD excursion into deep ambient expanse with lush compositions, sweeping lyricism, including some haunting leads by pedal steel guitarist B.J. Cole and a pair of vocals from Julee Cruise. In his Los Angeles bedroom studio, James Hood gets horizontal and takes us on some moodswings.

Thursday 06/20/02
Norwegian guitarist Erik Wollo returns to the Echoes living room to play live. Making a rare second appearance in less than a year, this under- rated musician returns with a completely new set of music that is more reflective of his recordings, including his Echoes Top Ten CD, WIND JOURNEY (Spotted Peccary). Performing in a living room in Chester County, Pennsylvania, Wollo lets loose his soaring guitar melodies across a landscape of synthesizers. This special performance was a benefit for West Chester Friends School and sponsored by the DiFillipo, Haldeman, Morrison and O'Brien families.

Friday 06/21/02
Saxophonist Paul Winter & Friends perform live on Echoes.
Imagine being inside the world's largest Gothic cathedral in the mystical pre-dawn darkness, as the instruments and voices of Paul Winter's world music ensemble resound within the extraordinary acoustics of this majestic space, and the great stained-glass windows gradually begin to illuminate with the first sunrise of summer. In this special rebroadcast from 2000, the experience of Paul Winter's Summer Solstice Celebration in New York City's Cathedral of St. John the Divine will be shared by listeners around the world when the dawn concert of the Summer Solstice Celebration is broadcast by Echoes.

*denotes compilation 

ID#02-J07-00120 Monday June 17, 2002 (Echoes Program 14S)

First Half Hour
Barbara Higbie Variations on a Happy Ending Variations on a Happy Ending
Keola Beamer Kawohikukapulani Soliloquy
Paul Avgerinos Song Without End Words Touch
Craig Armstrong Hymn 2 As If to Nothing
Shaman's Dream Offerings Prana
John Huling Wupatki Mesa Sunrise

Second Half Hour
Lisa Walker Mysticete Grooved Whale
Tina Malia Forever Shores of Avalon
3AM Veldt Distant Early Warning  
John Wubbenhorst Happy Journey Bansuri Dreams
Ben Verdery Ellis Island Ufonia

Third Half Hour
Sorma Satie's Sari Mirage of the East
David Arkenstone City in the Clouds Visionary
John Lyell/Brent Reiland Ethereal Float Synthetic Universe  
Tunda Jegede Song of the Waterfall Trance Planet Vol 5*

Fourth Half Hour
The Circular Ruins Confluence Confluence  
David & Steve Gordon Flowering Tree Sacred Spirit Drums
Mediaeval Baebes I Am Eve The Rose
Tom Verlaine/Kronos Quartet Spiritual Big Bad Love
Nakai/Eaton/Clipman Prelude to a Sroem Echoes LRC Vol 7*

ID#02-J07-00121 Tuesday June 18, 2002 (Echoes Program 25R)

First Half Hour
Tina Malia Forever Shores of Avalon
The Brave La Mamounia Moroccan Spirit
David & Steve Gordon Light of the Canyon Sacred Drum Visions
Boots/Aerts/van der Heijden Triple Rock Livelines  

Second Half Hour

Tina Malia Lullaby Shores of Avalon
Moodswings Melted Teacup Horizontal
Bill Frisell John Hardy was a Desperate Little Man The Willies
Michael Conn Sub Aqua Globetrekker*  

Third Half Hour
Philip Aaberg Marias River Breakdown Soundtrack: Ansel Adams*
Tony McManus The Old Bush Ceol More
Richard Searles In Winter's Shadow The Green Man
Peter Gabriel The Return Long Walk Home
Medwyn Goodall Headwind Anam Cara

Fourth Half Hour
Mark Kopfler Sons of Scotland A Shot at Glory
Michael Stipe/Asha Bosle The Way you Dream One Giant Leap*
Red Shift Mantra Nalu Deep Field Image  
DJ Cheb I Sabbah Tum Bin Shyam Krishna Lila
Lino Dali's Hoppers Satin Blue

ID#02-J07-00122 Wednesday June 19, 2002 (Echoes Program 16R)

First Half Hour
Erik Wollo Dream Lines Wind Journey
Victor Spiegel Raga in E Evocation
John Zorn Mo'ed Bar Kokhba  
Der Spyra Chord 3 Organ Elevator to Heaven  
Solas Prelude #1/Black Annis The Edge of Silence

Second Half Hour
Ancient Future Forest Frolic Planet Passion
Martin Posen South Portage Lake Road Listening Hands  
Zero 7 Red Dust Simple Things
Kazu Matsui Dancing in the Remaining Lights Bamboo
Red Shift Mantra Nalu Deep Field Image  

Third Half Hour
Moodswings Seems to Remind Me of Love Horizontal
George Winston January Stars Winter Into Spring
Thomas Newman Title Theme Six Feet Under*
Barry Stramp Sky Ansel Adams*  
Phil Thornton Eagle Dream Dreamscapes
David Bridie Dive Act of Free Choice

Fourth Half Hour

Moodswings Into the Blue Horizontal
Tony McManus The Old Bush Ceol More
3 AM Marshland Distant Early Warning  

ID#02-J07-00123 Thursday June 20, 2002 (Echoes Program 25T)

First Half Hour
Adrian Legg Tracy's Big Moment Guitars and Other Cathedrals
Klangwelt In Balance Weltweit  
Phil Thornton In Search of Avalon Dreamscapes
Thomas Barquee Salva Me Slow Music for Yoga*
Cybertribe Welcome to the Journey Dharma Cafe

Second Half Hour

A Living Room Concert with Erik Wollo
Artist Title Original Album  
Erik Wollo Andromeda Solstice
Erik Wollo Treasure Island Transit  
Erik Wollo End Unreleased  

Third Half Hour
Richard Leo Johnson Tony Bennett Fingertip Ship
Stella Chiweshe Huvhimi Talking Mbira: Spirits of Liberation
Tuatara Falling Pianos Cinemathique
Gevorg Dabaghyan Anush Garon Miniatures
Craig Armstrong Hymn 2 As If to Nothing

Fourth Half Hour
Medwyn Goodall The Wisdom of Ages Anam Cara
Dom F. Scab Insomnia Analogical Confessions More Info
The Brave Moussem Of Regragas Moroccan Spirit
Danny Heines I Thought it was Raining What Worlds They Bring
Drala Home Drala

A Special Echoes Re-Broadcast
Friday 6/21/02 and SUNDAY 6/23/02 ON ECHOES
Recorded Live in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine
Click here for more information about this program.

 First Hour
Paul Winter, Vardan Grigoryan, Karan Casey, Jerry O'Sullivan Solos Unreleased   
Karan Casey Golden Apples of The Sun Celtic Solstice by Paul Winter  
Eugene Friesen &
Vardan Grigoryan
untitled duet unreleased   
Karan Casey Song of Choice The Words That Remain by Solas  
Ensemble Free Improvisation unreleased   
Arto Tuncboyacyin Broken Arm Journey with the Sun by Paul Winter  
Zan MacLeod solo unreleased   
Karan Casey Unquiet Grave Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers by Solas  
Paul Winter Triumph of the Whale (similar to Whales Alive)   
Ensemble Vardan's 6/8 unreleased  

Second Hour
Karan Casey Alililu Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers by Solas  
Eugene Friesen untitled unreleased  
Arto Tuncboyacin I Hope There Is Time unreleased  
Zan MacLeod &
Vardan Grigoryan
duet unreleased  
Karan Casey Sweet Comeraghs Celtic Solstice by Paul Winter
Jim Beard solo unreleased  
Paul Winter Canyon Chaconne Canyon Lullaby
Karan Casey &
Dorothy Papadakos
Golden Apples of The Sun reprise Celtic Solstice by Paul Winter
Ensemble Celtic Finale unreleased  
Karan Casey Parting Glass (unknown)  
Ensemble Reels unreleased  

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