Echoes Playlist

June 24-28 , 2002

Following is a listing of the musical selections airing on Echoes for the week of June 24-28, 2002.  The dates on the playlists are the dates the programs are distributed to stations.  Please check the program ID number to verify the program if your station broadcasts the program on a different day than it is distributed.

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Tuesday 06/25/02
The world music ensemble, Drala, performs live on Echoes. Drala is David Nichtern and Steve Gorn. Nichtern is a noted composer and guitarist best known for writing the Maria Muldaur hit "Midnight at the Oasis" and for an extensive list of session work. Steve Gorn has lent his serene bansuri flute sounds to everyone from Paul Simon to percussionist Glen Velez. As Drala, they sculpt a modal, meditative sound. With the addition of electric bass and Indian tabla, Drala performs music from their self-titled debut on Dharma Moon, live on Echoes.

Thursday 06/27/02
In his San Francisco home, DJ Cheb i Sabbah lights the incense of an east west fusion. Born in Algeria and raised on the French discotheque scene in the mid-1960s, Sabbah now spins music around the world. On his own albums, he brings together virtuosos of Indian music and then supercharges their performances in subtle re-mixes. Sabbah takes us from 60s Parisian discotheques where he learned English from "Hold On, I'm Coming" to his current global grooves.

Friday 06/28/02
From the days of vinyl LPs we unearth an ancient relic by Aircraft. They were a Bay Area modern instrumental group creating atmospheric arrangements of keyboards and electric violin. Among their members was keyboardist Doug McKeehan, who went on to be a member of Ancient Future. Aircraft released only one album, SO NEAR SO FAR on the defunct Catero label. In this Ancient Echo, we crank up the old turntable and hear this lost music form another time.

*denotes compilation 

ID#02-J07-00125 Monday June 24, 2002 (Echoes Program 26Q)

First Half Hour
Metamora The Long View Morning Walk  
Metamora Through the Woods Morning Walk  
Phil Thornton Eagle Dream Dreamscapes
Metamora Morning Walk Morning Walk  
Ottmar Liebert Twilight Rain In the Arms of Love
Metamora The Lullaby of Muffe Morning Walk  

Second Half Hour
Metamora North in the Mountain Morning Walk  
Medwyn Goodall Anam Cara Anam Cara
Metamora Sunlight Morning Walk  
Michael Mandrell Ancient Art of Soul Travel The Great Spiral Dance
Metamora Lord of the Sky Morning Walk  
Chris Spheeris/Anthony Mazzella The Longing/The Rushes Brio
Metamora Siri's Arrival Morning Walk  

Third Half Hour
Sanjay Mishra Stoneflower Morning Rescue
David & Steve Gordon Path with a Heart Sacred Drum Visions
Tuatara Falling Pianos Cinemathique
Baked Beans James Bean Bean Me Up Scotty  
David Bridie The Koran The Ghan and a Yarn Act of Free Choice

Fourth Half Hour
Jeff Ball Journey Prairie Runner
Tony McManus The Old Bush Ceol More
Steve Gorn/Tony Levin/Jerry Marotta Glass Beads From the Caves of the Iron Mountain
Bill Frisell John Hardy was a Desperate Little Man The Willies
Zero Ohms/Brannan Lane Soundfall Soundfall to the Infinite

ID#02-J07-00126 Tuesday June 25, 2002 (Echoes Program 26R)

First Half Hour
Patrick O'Hearn 3 Circles Trust
Moodswings Melted Teacup Horizontal
Lidja Bajuk Across the River Dawn Maiden  
Chinmaya Dunster On Sacred Ground On Sacred Ground

Second Half Hour

Drala Moment to Moment Unreleased  
Drala Deva Loka Drala
Drala Karuna Drala
Drala Shivasina Unreleased  

Third Half Hour
Kentucky Standard Band Rain on the Damby Flats Kentucky Skies  
Gary Stroutsos Pacific Moon/Reprise Pacific Moon
Gary Sill Restless Heart Restless Heart
Kitaro Matsuri Kojiko
Steve Morse Band Clear Memories Split Decision  

Fourth Half Hour
Eri Sugai Konjaku Monogatari Mai
Klangwelt In Balance Weltweit  
Stella Chiweshe Tapera Talking Mbira
Bruce Kaphan Clouds Slider
The Mermen Heart Beatitude The Amazing California Health & Happiness Road Show

ID#02-J07-00127 Wednesday June 26, 2002 (Echoes Program 18R)

First Half Hour
George Winston February Sea Winter Into Spring
Solas Maybe In a Prayer The Edge of Silence
UXB Urban Mutant Urban Mutant  
Drala Opening the Gates Drala

Second Half Hour
Mickey Hart Temple Caves Over the Edge and Back
Louis Sclavis Le Travail Dans la Nuit
Thomas Barquee Salva Me Slow Music for Yoga*
Robert Rich/Ian Boddy State of Flux Outpost  
Danny Heines Six Picture Dream What Worlds They Bring

Third Half Hour
Strunz/Farah Campera Stringweave
Talvin Singh/Rakesh Chaurasia Heaven Vira
Rudy Adrian Eclipse Concerts in New Zealand  
Tina Malia Forever Shores of Avalon
Zero 7 Red Dust Simple Things

Fourth Half Hour
Richard Searles Orb Weaver The Green Man
Archetribe Wine Strand Earthtones
Richard Bone A Splendid Flow of Grace Disorient
Susan Craig Winsberg Hebrean Medley Celtic Love Songs
Scott Helland Golden Retrievers of Good Luck Earthbound
Uakti Promessas Do Sul Uakti

ID#02-J07-00128 Thursday June 27 2002 (Echoes Program 26T)

First Half Hour
Ancient Future I Met Her in the Meadowe Planet Passion
Life in Balance Dark Hollow Eve Deeper  
Nicholas Gunn Trails of Tears Through the Great Smoky Mountains
Tim Clement/Kim Deschamps My Lagan Love Wolfsong Night
Moodswings Into the Blue Horizontal

Second Half Hour
Constance Demby Alleluiah Sanctum Sanctuorum
Gevorg Dabaghyan Anush Garon Miniatures
Medwyn Goodall Headwind Anam Cara
The Brave La Mamounia Moroccan Spirit
Kodo Echo Bells Mondo Head

Third Half Hour
DJ Cheb I Sabbah Tum Bin Shyam Krishna Lila
Al-Andalus Jinete Illumination
Ottmar Liebert Caminer Solo: Walking Alone In the Arms of Love
Dom F. Scab After Scarab Analogical Confessions More Info
Ron Clearfield Time on Earth Time on Earth

Fourth Half Hour

DJ Cheb I Sabbah Govinda Krishna Lila
Phil Thornton Forest Pathways Dreamscapes
Tina Malia Forever Shores of Avalon

ID#02-J07-00129 Friday June 28, 2002 (Echoes Program 16T)

First Half Hour
Harold Budd Boy About 10 By the Dawn's Early Light
Aircraft So Near So Far So Near So Far  
Paul Avgerinos Words Touch Words Touch
Erik Wollo Solstice 1 Solstice
Archetribe Cycle of Dust Earthtones
Aircraft Valley of the Lord So Near So Far  

Second Half Hour
Ancient Future So Near So Far Dreamchaser  
Phil Aaberg Maria's River Breakdown Soundtrack: Ansel Adams*  
Aircraft Opening So Near So Far  
Ishq Sky Blue Orchid
Aircraft Spirit of the Whitefall So Near So Far  

Third Half Hour
Anthony Phillips Pieces of a Sea Shanty New England  
Patrick Ball Good Morning to Your Nightcap Fair Play  
Sanjay Mishra Before Summer Rain Blue Incantation
Ben Neill Dream Phase Triptycal  
Craig Armstrong Starless II As if to Nothing
John Williams Maki The Magic Box

Fourth Half Hour
Michael Hedges Java Man Beyond Boundaries
Mediaeval Baebes Byrd One Brere The Rose
Nakai/Eaton/Clipman Prelude to a Storm Echoes LRC vol 7*
The Brave La Mamounia Moroccan Spirit
The Circular Ruins Confluence Confluence  

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