For the Week of July 3, 2000

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                        FEATURES FOR THE WEEK

                    Monday July 3, 2000
                    JOHN DOAN-WAYFARING
John Doan wants to be an Irish bard carrying tales from the
emerald isle.  He doesn't sing them but he plays them on his harp
guitar.  His latest journey has spawned the album WAYFARER. John
Doan talks about his latest travels through the Celtic Isles and
reveals the stories behind music that he composed right on the
spot of scared sites and holy grounds, from castles to

                    Tuesday July 4, 2000
                    AMERICAN LANDSCAPES
On July Fourth we celebrate the birth of the nation, but on this
Independence day weekend, Echoes celebrates the landscapes of
America, from the Appalachian Mountains to Alaska, and into the
heartland of the country.  We won't be hearing the rockets' red
glare, but we will get some evocations of America's vast vistas,
from sites that have inspired musicians, like the the Grand
Canyon, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and Washington's San Juan

                    Wednesday July 5, 2000
Michael Mandrell is a journeyman musician.  He played with the
world fusion group, TAOS, and now has a solo CD called THE GREAT
SPIRAL DANCE (Ageless Music).  Michael fuses gentle guitar
picking with world music touches and evocative compositions on
his debut.  We talk with Michael about his music and life on the

                    Thursday July 6, 2000
                    KEN BONFIELD/ JOE EBEL
Ken Bonfield is a finger-picking guitarist with several albums
out.  His latest is a series of duets with violinist Joe Ebel
called KADOTUME. Ken and Joe bring their intimate sound to the
Echoes table.
*denotes compilation

ID#00-J07-00131 Monday, July 3, 2000 (Echoes Program 18I)
ARTIST              SELECTION           RECORDING

                    First Half Hour
John Doan           Run to Sanctuary    Wayfarer
Thomas Newman       Miss Wichita        Erin Brockovich
Juan Martin         Torrent of the Soul The Alchemist
John Kaizan Neptune Time Design         Tokyosphere
The Nightcrawlers   Digitalis           Traveling Backwards 

                    Second Half Hour
John Doan           Wayfarer            Wayfarer
Delago              Aquasonic Brass     Trancealpin
Jhno                Raise & Illuminate  Membrane

                    Third Half Hour
Ira Stein/          The Calling         Transit
 Russel Walder
Rick Westhorpe      Time will Bring     Music from Holy Vale 
                    the Sea
Sorma               Miyabi              Mirage of the East
California Guitar   Waters of Eden      Rocks the West
Jon Brion           So Now Then         Magnolia

                    Fourth Half Hour
Samite              Esawayo             Echoes Living Room
                                        Concerts volume 5*
Damian Dragici      Day of Dreams       Gypsy Journey
Bill Frisell        Variations on       Ghost Town
                    a Theme
Ian Boddy           Beta pt 5           Continuum

ID#00-J07-00132 Tuesday, July 4, 2000 (Echoes Program 27G)
ARTIST              SELECTION           RECORDING

                    First Half Hour
Kentucky Standard   Rain on Damby Flats Kentucky Skies
Magical Strings     Bell Off The Ledge  Bell Off The Ledge
Wayne Gratz         Scenes of           Blue Ridge
Joanne Shenandoah   The Eagle Watches   Peacemaker's Journey
Richard Drueding &
 Stephe Ferraro     Wissahickon         Wissahickon
Tingstad & Rumbel   Savannah            Pastorale
                    Second Half Hour
George Winston      Before Barbed Wire  Plains
Peter Ostroushko    Medicine Bow        Sacred Heart
Patrick Leonard     Floating with Amos  Rivers
William Ellwood     Dakota              Touchstone
Pat Metheny         A Map of the World  A Map of the World

                    Third Half Hour
Kurt Riemann        Aurora              Alaska
Suzanne Teng        Topanga Dreams      Mystic Journey
Mark O'Connor/      Vistas              Appalachian Journey
 Edgar Meyer/
 Yo-Yo Ma            
Robert Sequoia      Streams & Rivers    Essence of Life
                    Fourth Half Hour
Joseph Fire Crow    Circle Dance        Cheyenne Nation
Nicholas Gunn       Return to Grand     Return to Grand Canyon
Ottmar Liebert      Santa Fe            Nouveau Flamenco;
                                        10th Anniversay Ed.
Adam Shaikh &       Warm Fuzzys         Drift
 Tim Floyd
Michael Gettel      Tale of the Whales  San Juan Suite II

ID#00-J07-00133 Wednesday, July 5, 2000 (Echoes Program 27H)
ARTIST              SELECTION           RECORDING

                     First Half Hour
Ruben Garcia        The Continuation    Lakeland
                    of Slow Motion      
Dougie MacLean      Perthshire Amber    Perthshire Amber
Pat Thomi           Unspoken Words      Remote Control
Mizuyo Komiya       A Lullaby of        Lullaby
Chicane             Saltwater           Behind The Sun

                    Second Half Hour

Lyle Mays           Let Me Count        Solo 
                    The Ways
Jeff Pearce         Veil of Lake Snow   To The Shores of Heaven
Tino Izzo           Her Song            Nostalgia Trails
Michael Thomas      Ice Break           Arctic
Barry Phillips      I Love to See The   Cello
                    Wheels in Motion
Axiom of Choice     Parvaz              Niya Yesh

                    Third Half Hour 

Michael Mandrell    Iberian Nocturne    The Great Spiral Dance
Thomas Ronkin       Balance             Within Distance
Jeff Johnson        Come Ye Sinners     A Quiet Knowing
Ketil Bjornstad/    Upland              Epigraphs
 David Darling       
Vas                 Samaya              In The Garden of Souls

                    Fourth Half Hour

                Feature: Michael Mandrell
Michael Mandrell    Bhagavan Dude       The Great Spiral Dance
Mike Oldfield       Women of Ireland    Voyager
Steve Stevens       Feminova            Flamenco.A.Go.Go
Troika              Crossing the Line   Shaman

ID#00-J07-00134 Thursday, July 6, 2000 (Echoes Program 27I)
ARTIST              SELECTION           RECORDING
                     First Half Hour
Kate Price          Andalusia           The Isle of Dreaming
John Serrie/        Mystery of Falcon   Hidden Worlds
 Gary Stroutsos      Cove                
Iarla O'Lionaird    I'm Streched on     I Could Read The Sky
                    Your Grave
Omar Faruk Tekbilek Whirling Dervish    Dance Into Eternity

                    Second Half Hour

Living Room Concert with Ken Bonfield & Joe Ebel

                    Composition         Original CD
Ken Bonfield &      Kadutume            Kadutume
 Joe Ebel
"                   Wiseman's View      Homecoming
"                   Sunday Morning      Kadutume
"                   Summer Rain         Kadutume
"                   Road to Hana        Unreleased
"                   Dancing with        Homecoming 
                    Third Half Hour
Axiom of Choice     A Walk By The Lake  Niya Yesh
Robert Tree Cody &  Procession of the   Crossroads
 Xavier Quijas       Jaguar Kings
Saul Stokes         Greys               Outfolding
David Darling       Irish Miles         Balance

                    Fourth Half Hour
Chinmaya Dunster    Right Mindfulness   Feng Shui
The Mermen          Heart Beatitude     The Amazing California
                                        Health and Happiness 
                                        Road Show
Pyramid Peak        Reflections         Ocean Drive
Michael Spriggs     Petite Etude        Without Words
Mark Dwane          Amazon              Archives

ID#00-J07-00135 Friday, July 7, 2000 (Echoes Program 15I)
ARTIST              SELECTION           RECORDING

                    First Half Hour
Roger Eno           In Water            Swimming
Stephanie Bennett   The Magic Fawn      Stories Seldom Told
LAGQ                Along the Edge      Air and Ground
Ruben Garcia        Somos Tres          Lakeland
Patrick Kosmos      Glide Slope         Trance Neutral Zone

                    Second Half Hour
Trance Mission      Bindi               Meanwhile
Thomas Newman       Useless             Erin Brockovich
Richard Bone        Cancion del Arco    Distillation
Paul McCandless     Motet: Ave Verum    Mozart Variations*
Michael Stearns     Spanish Twilight    Collected Thematic Works
Robby Longley       Coco Robichaux      Sanctuary

                    Third Half Hour
Green Isac          Penguins            Strings & Pottery
Rasa                Gopinatha           Devotion
Lisa Gerrard &      Liquid Moon         The Insider
 Pieter Bourke
Glen Velez          Amulet of Bes       Seven Heaven
Robert Mirabal      Bataan Death March  Taos Tales

                    Fourth Half Hour
Pilgrimage          Ceremony            9 Songs of Ecstasy
Deuter              Wind in the Trees   Garden of the Gods
Amit Chatterjee     Endless Radiance    When Worlds Collide
Jeff Pearce         The Emergence       To the Shores of Heaven
Michael Hedges      Silent              The Best of...
Mamadou Diabate     Tunga               Tunga

Copyright 2000 Pennsylvania Public Radio Associates, Inc.


ARTIST              TITLE / PRICE (CD/CASS.)         ITEM#
Axiom of Choice     Niya Yesh $17.98                 A121
Berkley, Michael T. Arctic                           N/A
Bjornstad & Darling Epigraphs $17.98                 B165
California Guitar   Rocks the West $17.98            C141
Chandra, Sheila     Roots and Wings $16.98           C34
Chatterjee, Amit    When Worlds Collide N/A
Cleveland, Barry    Voluntary Dreaming               N/A
Darling, David      Balance                          N/A
Draghici, Damian    Gypsy Journey                    N/A
Echoes Living Room Concerts Vol. 5 $15.98            E99
Echoes Living Room Concerts Vol. 4 $15.98            E98
Echoes Living Room Concerts Vol. 3 $15.98            E97
Echoes Living Room Concerts Vol. 2 $15.98            E96
Echoes Door in the Air Vol. 1 $9.98 CASS. ONLY       E1CS
Fire Crow, Joseph   Cheyenne Nation $16.98           F56
Frisell, Bill       Ghost Town $17.98                NEW
Garcia, Ruben       Lakeland                         N/A
Glass, Philip       Symphony #3                      N/A
Gunn, Nicholas      Return to Grand Canyon $16.98    G113
Hedges, Michael     The Best of... $17.98            H105
Hemisphere          Inversion                        N/A
Jhno                Membrane $17.98                  *MEMBRANE
Johnson, Jeff &     Music of the Celtic Legends      NEW
 Dunning, Brian
Komiya, Mizuyo      Lullaby $17.98                   K74
LAGQ                Air and Ground $17.98            L71
Lamond, Mary Jane   Lan Duil $18.98                  L70
Laswell, Bill       Hear No Evil $19.98 L69
Led Kaapana         Black Sand                       N/A
Leonard, Patrick    Rivers $17.98                    L74
Levin, Tony         Waters of Eden $16.98            L72
Liebert, Ottmar     Nouveau Flamenco $17.98          L3
Lien, Annbjorg      Baba Yaga $17.98                 L66
Martin, Juan        The Alchemist $16.98             M136
Minogue, Aine       Between the Worlds $17.98        M98
Mishra, Sanjay      Rescue                           CALL TO ORD
Monk                Blink $16.98                     M128
The Mozart Variations* $16.98                        M138
Newman, Thomas      Erin Brockovich $17.98           NEW
Nightnoise          The White Horse Sessions $15.98  N59
O'Hearn, Patrick    Trust $14.98                     O38
Orbit, William      Pieces in a Modern Style $17.98  O67
Oregon              Best of the Vanguard Years       O68
Part, Arvo          Alina $17.98                     P76
Pearce, Jeff        To the Shores of Heaven $16.98   P77
Petteway, Al &      Racing Hearts                    N/A
 White, Amy
Phillips, Barry     Cello $17.98                     P79
Pluznick, Michael   Cradle of the Sun                N/A
Price, Kate         The Isle of Dreaming $17.98      P78
Pritchard, David    Air Patterns                     N/A
Rasa                Devotion $16.98                  R110
Roach, Steve &      Vine, Bark & Spore  N/A
 Reyes, Jorge
Rowan, Brent        Bare Essentials                  N/A
Runestone           Swirling Dreams                  N/A
Samite              Stars to Share $16.98            S185
Serrie, Jonn        Century Seasons $24.98 DBL       S212
Serrie & Stroutsos  Hidden World $16.98 S211
Shastro             Tantric Heart $16.98             S206
Shenandoah, Joanne  Peacemaker's Journey $16.98      S197
Simpson, Martin     A Closer Walk with Thee          N/A
Skyedance           Labyrinth $16.98                 S202
Sollima, Giovanni   Aquilarco $17.98                 S156
Sorma               Mirage of the East $19.98        S207
Sounds from the     Terra Firma $17.98               S213
Stivell, Alan       Back to Breizh $17.98            S209
Stokes, Saul        Outfolding $17.98                NEW
Story, Liz          17 Seconds to Anywhere $16.98    S144
Tekbilek, Omar      Dance into Eternity $17.98       NEW
Teng, Suzanne       Mystic Journey $16.98            T98
Troika              Shaman $16.98                    T104
Van Bogaert, Frank  Geogrpahic $19.98                V57
Vas                 In the Garden of Souls $17.98    V62
Verner, J Arif      Through the Timeless $17.98      V61
Vollenweider,       Cosmopoly $17.98                 V59 
Westhorpe, Rick     Music from Holy Vale             N/A
Wild Colonials      Reel Life, Vol. I $16.98         W102
Winter, Paul        Celtic Solstice $16.98           W92
Copyright 2000 Pennsylvania Public Radio Associates, Inc.


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