For the Week of June 29, 1998

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                    HIGHLIGHTS FOR THE WEEK

               Monday, June 29, 1998 (Program X-18)


We give a listen to a cadre of new releases of Native American

music, including Joanne Shenandoah, Mary Youngblood, and


             Tuesday, June 30, 1998 (Program Y-18)


Synthesizers are more popular than ever, with techno, ambient and

electronica.  Mark Shreeve and company go back to the roots of

electronic music with "Ether," their new album as Redshift. Their

signature sound is the Moog synthesizer of 1970's fame, as they

pay homage to the pioneers of German space music, Tangerine Dream

and Klaus Schulze with an album of spacious, extended musical

journeys. After 20 years of digital synthesizers, this vintage

analog gear offers a surprisingly fresh sound to new music.

             Wednesday, July 1, 1998 (Program X-27)


Scott Huckabay swims with the dolphins.  He also tries to make

his acoustic guitar sound like them.  On his album, "Peace

Dance"(Soundings of the Planet), Huckabay weaves an intricate web

using real-time delays, a suitcase full of stomp boxes and some

extraordinary two handed techniques to coax an orchestra of

sounds from his acoustic instrument.  We talk with Scott about a

music that can whisper like gentle waves and scream like Jimi


             Thursday, July 2, 1998 (Program Y-27)


Steven Cragg is an English musician who was seduced by the sound

of the aboriginal didgeridoo.  We've heard him playing on albums

with Phil Thornton and last year he released his solo debut,

DISCOVERY (New World).  We visit Steven Cragg in his home on

England's southern coast where he talks about digital delays and


              Friday, July 3, 1998 (Program Z-27)

                       AMERICAN LANDSCAPES

For Independence Day, Echoes takes a sonic tour of America,

celebrating the beauty of the landscape through music.  R. Carlos

Nakai, Eric Tingstad & Nancy Rumbel, Nicholas Gunn and many other

Echoes artists offer their musical interpretations of the Great

Plains, the mountains and deserts of the U.S.


*denotes compilation

          ID# 98-J07-00128  Monday, June 29,1998  (X-18)

ARTIST             SELECTION              RECORDING

                    First Half Hour

Armen Chakmakian   Rain, Rain Go Away     Ceremonies

Ken Bonfield       Dancing with           Homecoming


Najma              Pukar                  Pukar

Baked Beans        James Bean             Bean Me Up,


Monk               Tatoo                  Hush

                    Second Half Hour

Mark Rownd         Earth Body             Painting Twilight

                      Spirit Body

Michael Gettel     Summer Rain            San Juan Suite

Badi Assad         Ponta de Areia         Chameleon

Liz Story          The Promise            17 Sec. to Anywhere

Will Ackerman      Unconditional          Sound of Wind Driven


Steve Roach/       Gone West              Dust To Dust

Roger King

                         Third Half Hour


Joanne Shenandoah  Dance of the North     Life Blood

Mary Youngblood    Eagle Clan             The Offering

Brad Smith         Flying Jazz            New Dance

Soul Food          Wayob                  Breathe

Jeff Ball          Rockport               Reverence

                         Fourth Half Hour

Burning Sky        Rain                   Creation

Autumn's Child     Forever Dreaming       Born Out of Silence

Douglas Spotted    Pure                   Pray


R. Carlos Nakai    Inner Voices           Mythic Dreamer

Primeaux & Mike    Drift                  Sacred Path


      ID# 98-J07-00129 Tuesday, June 30, 1998 (Echoes Y-18)

                   First Half Hour

Tim Farrell        Polychrome Pass        Skydancer

George Winston     The Cradle             All The Seasons of

                                          George Winston

Ken Bonfield       Wiseman's View         Homecoming

Frank Steiner, Jr. K'an                   I Ching Symphony

Lisa Gerrard/      Shadow Magnet          Duality

   Pieter Bourke

                                               Second Half Hour


Redshift           Bombers In             Ether

                     The Dessert

Rubin Garcia       I Can Feel The Heat    I Can Feel The Heat

                   Closing In             Closing In

Mary McLaughlin/   Lament of Sea/Amen     Celtic Requiem

William Coulter

Armen Chakmakian   Distant Lands          Ceremonies

                   Third Half Hour

Ulli               Children's Dance       Ageless

Aine Minogue       The Butterfly          Circle Of The Sun

John Wubbenhorst   All Bliss              Facing East

Ma Ja Le /         Imaginarium            Imaginarium

  Vir Unis

Bill Laswell       In A Silent Way        Panthalassa

Roedelius          Isletta                Aquarello

                   Fourth Half Hour

Liz Story          The Promise            17 Seconds To Anywhere

Michael Thomas/    Liquid Canopy          Images From Earth


Mychael Danna/     Dia Dha Mo Cahin       A Celtic Romance

  Jeff Danna

Cherish The Ladies The Battle of Aughrim  Threads of Time

Vicki Richards     Endless Radiance       Parting The Waters

Antonio Calogero   Out Of The Door Over   La Rosa Del Deserto

Jeff Pearce        The Outer Circle       Vestiges

                   The Wall


         ID# 98-J07-00130 Wednesday, July 1, 1998 (X-27)

                         First Half Hour

J. Arif Verner     In Lucid Dreams        A Vision Beyond Light

Brian Keane /      Nighttime              Beyond The Sky

Omar Faruk Tekbilek

Esteban            Blue Lotus             Enter The Heart

Pilgimage          Land Of Ecstasy        9 Songs of Ecstasy

                         Second Half Hour

Feature: Scott Huckabay

Scott Huckabay     Universe               Peace Dance

Marina Raye        Dream Weaver           Womanspirit

Jon Hassell        Air                    Power Spot

Capercaillie       M'Ionaun               Beautiful Wasteland

                         Third Half Hour

Tony Gerber        The Badlands           Blue Western Sky

David Michael /    Sky Safari             Courtship Of The Moon

 Randy Mead

Open Quartet       Forbidden Colors       Forbidden Colors

Karl Jenkins       Make Vaporum           Imagined Dreams

Mark Biehl         Mustang                Landscapes

                         Fourth Half Hour

Ketil Bjornstad /  December               The Sea II

 David Darling

Angels of Venice   Si Je Perdais Mon Ami  The Renaissance Album*

Pierre Bensusan /  Fetish                 Live In Paris

 Didier Malherbe

Armen Chakmakian   Rain Rain Go Away      Ceremonies

Lisa Gerrard /     Forest Veil            Duality

   Pieter Bourke

Erik Wollo         Nimbus                 Solstice


          ID# 98-J07-00131 Thursday, July 2, 1998 (Y-27)

                         First Half Hour

Patrick O'Hearn    The Women              Metaphor

                     Of Lachaise

Baka Beyond        Mbe                    Journey Between

Jesse Cook         Cancion Triste         Vertigo

Skydance           Skerray                Way Out To Hope Street

Monk               Cascades               Hush

                         Second Half Hour

Liz Story          Out of Time            17 Seconds to Anywhere

John Wubbenhorst   All Bliss              Facing East

Peter Gabriel      I Grieve               City of Angels *

Philip Glass       Anthem Part 2          The Truman Show *

California Guitar  Scramble               Pathways


Zoar               If Only You Knew       Cassandra

                         Third Half Hour

Joe Euro           Midnight Watch         The High Road

Richard Burmer     The Sermon             Mosaic

Irina Mikhailova   Woods of Yara          Gothica

John Hodian        Piano 5 Part 2         Available Forms

Steve Tibbetts     Travel Alone           The Fall of Us All

                        Fourth Half Hour

Feature: Steven Cragg

Steven Cragg       Little People          Discovery

Ruben Garcia       I Can Feel the Heat    I Can Feel the Heat

                     Closing In            Closing In

Misha Alperin      Psalm #2               North Story

Ayub Ogada         Kothbiro               Bliss *


               ID# 98-J07-00132 Friday, July 3, 1998 (Z-27)

                       AMERICAN LANDSCAPES

                  First Half Hour: The Northwest

Tim Farrell        Polychrome Pass        Skydancer

Michael Gettel     Summer Rain            San Juan Suite

Carl Weingarten    Red Wood Lullaby       Red Wood Melodies

Tony Elman         Port Townsend Waltz    Earth Tones

Mars Lasar         Vision Quest           The Music of Olympia

                                            National Park

Kurt Riemann       Aurora                 Alaska

                 Second Half Hour: The Southwest

Ralf Illenberger   Sedona                 Sedona

Steve Roach/Roger  Gone West              Dust to Dust


Dean Evenson       Desert Dawn            Sound Healing

Nicholas Gunn      Flight over North Rim  The Music of the Grand


Ken Bonfield       Taos                   Homecoming

Nakai/Eaton/Clipman                       Sonoran Twilight    Red Wind

                  Third Half Hour: The Mountains

One Alternative    Boulder Sky            Changes

J.D. Minier        Mountain Range         Indian Summer

Scott Moulton      Above Telluride        Four Corners Suite

Wayne Gratz        Scenes of Reflection   Blue Ridge

Gary Remal Malkin  Trail of Tears         The Music of the Great

                                            Smoky Mountains

               Fourth Half Hour: The Western Plains

Tingstad & Rumbel  Secrets o/t Big Sky    American Acoustic

Paul Adams         At Prairie's Edge      A View from the Plain

Tony Gerber        The Badlands           Blue Western Sky

George Winston     Northern Plains        All the Seasons of..

Peter Buffett      I-90                   Lost Frontier

Douglas Spotted    Water, Wind, Stone     Tenaya

 Eagle              & Sun




Ackerman,Will           Sound of Wind Driven Rain($15.98/$10.98)

Adams, Paul    A View From The Plain ($15.98/$9.98)

Angels of Venice    The Renaissance Album ($17.98)

Assad, Badi    Chameleon ($16.98)

Autumn's Child Born Out of Silence ($17.98)

Baked Beans    Bean Me Up, Scotty (Not Available)

Baka Beyond    Journey Between ($17.98)

Ball, Jeff     Reverence (N/A)

Bensusan, Pierre    Live In Paris  ($17.98)

    Didier, Malherbe

Berkley, Michael Thomas  Images From Earth ($17.98)

Bjornstad & Darling The River ($17.98)

Bjornstad, Ketil    The Sea ($17.98)

Bonfield, Ken  Homecoming ($15.98/$8.98)

Brumer, Richard     Mosaic ($17.98)

Burning Sky    Creation ($16.98/$10.98)

Calogero, Antonio   La Rosa Del Deserto ($17.98)

California Guitar Trio   Pathways ($15.98)

Cragg, Steven  Discovery ($16.98)

Capercaillie   Beautiful Wasteland ($17.98)

Chakmakian     Ceremonies ($17.98)

Cherish the Ladies  Threads of Time ($17.98)

Danna, Mychael & Jeff    A Celtic Romance ($15.98)

Douglas Spotted Eagle    Pray ($17.98)

Echoes Living Room Concerts Volume 3 ($15.98)

Echoes Living Room Concerts Volume 2 ($15.98)

Echoes Door In The Air   Volume 1 ($15.98/$9.98)

Elman, Tony    Earth Tones ($16.98/$10.98)

Esteban   Enter The Heart (New)

Everson, Dean  Sound Healing ($16.98/$10.98)

Farrell, Tim   Sky Dancer ($15.98)

Gabriel, Peter City Of Angels* ($17.98)

Garcia, Ruben  I Can Feel The Heat Closing In ($14.98)

Gerber, Tony   Blue Western Sky ($14.98)

Gerrard / Bourke    Duality ($18.98)

Gettel, Michael     San Juna Suite ($13.98 /$8.98)

Gettel, Michael     San Juan Suite II ($13.98 /$8.98)\

Glass, Philip  The Truman Show Soundtrack ($17.98)

Gratz, Wayne   Blue Ridge ($16.98/$9.98)

Gunn, Nicholas The Music Of The Grand Canyon      ($16.98/$9.98)

Hassel, Jon    Power Spot ($16.98)

Hodian, John   Available Forms ($17.98)

Illenberger, Ralf   Sedona ($17.98)

King / Roach   Dust To Dust ($17.98)

Jenkins, Karl  Imagined Dreams (New)

Lasar, Mars    The Music Of Olympic National Park      ($16.98/$10.98)

McLaughlin, Mary    Celtic Requiem ($16.98 /$10.98)

   Coulter, William

Ma Ja Le / Vir Unis Imaginarium (17.98)

Malikin Gary Remal  The Music Of The Great Smokey Mountains


Michael, David /    Courtship of the Moon ($15.98)

   Mead, Randy

Mikhailova, Irina   Gothica ($17.98)

Minier, J.D.   Indian Summer

Minoque, Aine  Circle of the Sun ($17.98)

Moulton, Scott Light On The Mountains ($16.98/$10.98)

Monk Hush ($16.98)

Nakai, R. Carlos    Mythic Dreamer ($16.98/$10.98)

Najma     Pukar ($17.98)

Nakai/Easton/Clipman     Red Wind ($16.98)

O'Hearn, Patrick    Metaphor ($14.98)

One Alternative     Changes ($12.98)

Open Quartet   Forbidden Colors (New)

Page, Marina   Womanspirit (New)

Pierce, Jeff   Vestiges ($13.98)

Pilgrimage     9 Songs of Ecstacy (17.98)

Primeaux & Mike     Sacred Path ($10.98/16.98)

Redshift  Ether ($19.98)

Reimann, Kurt  Alaska (Call For Information)

Renaissance Album * ($15.98)

Richards, Vickie    Parting The Waters  ($17.98)

Roach / King   Dust To Dust ($17.98)

Roedelius Aquarello ($17.98)

Roach / King   Dust To Dust ($17.98)

Rownd, Mark    Painting Twilight ($17.98)

Shenandoah, Joanne  Life Blood ($15.98)

Smith, Brad    New Dance ($17.98)

Soul Food Breathe ($17.98)

Steiner, Frank Jr.  I Ching Symphony ($16.98/$10.98)

Story, Liz     17 Seconds to Anywhere ($15.98)

Tibbets, Steve The Fall Of Us All

Tingstad & Rumbel   American Acoustic ($17.98)

Ulli Ageless ($17.98)

Verner, J. Arif     A Vision Beyond Light ($15.98/$9.98)

Weingarten, Carl    Red Wood Melodies  ($15.98/$8.98)

Winston, George     All The Seasons of..... ($15.98/$17.98)

Wubbenhorst, John   Facing East ($14.98)

Youngblood, Mary    The Offering ($17.98)

Zoar Cassandra ($17.98)


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