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July 22-26, 2002

Following is a listing of the musical selections airing on Echoes for the week of July 22-26, 2002.  The dates on the playlists are the dates the programs are distributed to stations.  Please check the program ID number to verify the program if your station broadcasts the program on a different day than it is distributed.

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Monday 07/22/02
Darshan Ambient is the recording persona of Oakland-based musician Michael Allison. He began as a rock and roll bassist, playing in groups that included former Labelle singer Nona Hendryx. But he switched several years ago into more ambient designs, inspired by his studies in yoga and other spiritual disciplines. He's released nearly a dozen albums, most of them on Michael Allison talks about the sonic designs of Darshan Ambient.

Tuesday 07/23/02
In Marin County, California, we enter the studio sanctum of Rasa. Singer Kim Waters weaves her Vedic chants amidst an orchestra of Hans Christian playing nyckelharpe (Swedish keyed fiddle), sarangi (Indian violin) and cello. Coupled with electric bass and percussive grooves, they give a magical performance, playing music live from their recent album, UNION (Hearts of Space).

Wednesday 07/24/02
Progressive music veteran, Carl Weingarten, performs live in his Oakland home. Carl Weingarten an exploratory guitarist who has worked at the outer edges of progressive music for the last 20 years. Lately he's been taking the acoustic dobro and extending it's sound into evocative worlds. On his latest CD, ESCAPESILENCE, he creates a rustic chamber music sound. Carl sits down in his Oakland living room where he plucks and slides his way through his new music live.

Friday 07/26/02
Long before the Celtic Craze hit America, harpist Patrick Ball was spreading the Irish gospel, playing the songs of legendary bard Turlough O'Carolan and other Celtic tunes. Born in America and living in Northern California, he's recorded nine albums in the last 20 years, each one full of the lilting melodies and haunting atmospheres of the Celtic Isles. His latest is FAIR PLAY (Celestial Harmonies). Ball is one of the few masters of the wire strung harp, which was played in the 17th and 18th century, unlike the conventional gut and nylon stringed harps of today. Patrick Ball weaves the tale of his Celtic journey.

*denotes compilation 

ID#02-J07-00145 Monday July 22, 2002 (Echoes Program 21T)

First Half Hour
Philip Aaberg Montana Half Light Live from Montana
Moodswings Storm in a Teacup Horizontal
Deva Premal Om Namo Bhagavate Embrace
Mark Knopfler It's Over A Shot at Glory

Second Half Hour
Leni Stern Love Everyone Reprise Finally the Rain Has Come
3am Marshland Distant Early Warning  
Tony McManus Ye Banks and Braes Ceol More
Michael Stipe/Asha Bosle The Way you Dream One Giant Leap*
Zero 7 End Theme Simple Things
Jack Edward Smith El Sol Mundo Fantasia  

Third Half Hour
Darshan Ambient The Promise Vermilion Sky  
Gary Sill Restless Hearts Restless Hearts
Michelle Shocked I Know What you Dub Deep Natural
Martin/Klamt/Rownd Dreamwalking Convergence

Fourth Half Hour

Darshan Ambient Night Fishing Providence  
Red Shift Mantra Nalu Deep Field Image  
Shastro Shaman's Healing Shaman's Healing

ID#02-J07-00146 Tuesday July 23, 2002 (Echoes Program 30R)

First Half Hour
Brian Keane/Omar Faruk Tekbilek Desert Twilight Fire Dance
Carl Weingarten Child's Play Escapesilence
Fania Sawawani Sopi
Ben Neill Chemistry of Seven The Gatherings  
David Sylvian Wave Camphor
Mark Knopfler It's Over A Shot at Glory

Second Half Hour

Artist Title Original Album
Rasa Hari Haraye Union
Rasa Sri Rupa Manjari Union
Rasa Govindam Union

Third Half Hour
Tonto's Expanding Headband Ferry Boat Tonto Rides Again  
James Horner Cracking the Russian Codes A Beautiful Mind
Botanica Ocean Way Strange Attractor  
Gary Stroutsos Ochun Oru
Yo Yo Ma/Silk Road Ensemble Blue as the Turquoise Night of Neyshabur Silk Road Journeys

Fourth Half Hour
Bill Frisell John Hardy was a Desperate Little Man The Willies
Gerry Leonard Orchard Keeper Spooky Ghost
John Powell Taxi Ride The Bourne Identity
Eleni Karaindrou Cassandra's Trance Trojan Women
Margie Adam Eyrie Avalon
Habib Khan Jewel of Jewels Jewel of Heart

ID#02-J07-00147 Wednesday July 24, 2002 (Echoes Program 30S)

First Half Hour
Michael Thomas Berkley Ice Break Arctic
Another Fine Day Scarborough Fair Salvage
Dana Cunningham Above the Canopy Dancing at the Gate
Makyo Skin as Soft as Moonlight Interior Horizons*
Scott Huckabay Mother's Arms Alchemy

Second Half Hour
Peter Gabriel A Sense of Home/Gracie's Recapture Long Walk Home
Misha Alperin Adagio Night
Trance Mission Sunrise Meanwhile
Trisan May Yo 1 Trisan
Kevin Keller Allegro Intermezzo

Third Half Hour
Constance Demby Alleluliah Sanctum Sanctuorum
Gevorg Dabaghan Anush Gurun Miniatures
Afro Celt Sound System Inion Vol 1 Sound Magic
Ian Ritchie Lost People Globe Trekker*
Piero Milesi Mr. Nanof's Tango The Nuclear Observatory of Mr. Nnanof

Fourth Half Hour

Artist Title Original Album
Carl Weingarten Read the River Escapesilence
Carl Weingarten Child's Play Escapesilence
Carl Weingarten Dublin unreleased  
Dogon Chet's Dream Notdunjusta  
Shastro Shaman's Healing Shaman's Healing
John Rose Gravity Cosmogenesis  

ID#02-J07-00148 Thursday July 25, 2002 (Echoes Program 30T)

First Half Hour
Der Spyra Chord 3 Organ Elevator to Heaven  
Jeff Johnson/Brian Dunning Elieson Echoes LRC Vol 7*
Mediaeval Baebes Blow Northern Wind The Rose
Laraaji Approaching My Orangeness  
Tinh Throught the Eyes of a Child My Vietnamese Suite
Jiang Xiao-Qing Mist Breathing Spaces

Second Half Hour
M. Coldrick Throat Blue Unity Music for a Busy Head  
Bel Canto Die Geschichte Einer Mutter Shimmering Warm & Bright
Tuatara Falling Pianos Cinematique
Preston Reed Chattanooga Metal
Zero 7 Red Dust Simple Things

Third Half Hour
Deep Sky Divers Raging Calm Highlands and Skylands More Info
Autumn's Child Meeting In Performance  
Bridges Nazca Bridges
Thaw Jaya Holy Cat  
The Circular Ruins Confluence Confluence  

Fourth Half Hour
Barry Stramp Sky Ansel Adams*
Mark Isham Sympathy & Ackowledgement Vapor Drawings
Takashi Kohgo Tsubo Dance Sky Dancing*  
Stella Chiweshe Tapera Talking Mbira

ID#02-J07-00149 Friday July 26, 2002 (Echoes Program 22R)

First Half Hour
Tim Farrell Across the Northlands Songs from Clarowood
Gary Stroutsos Falcon Cove Echoes LRC vol 7*
Tina Malia Lullaby Shores of Avalon
Moodswings Storm in a Teacup Horizontal

Second Half Hour
Peter Mergener Rain in Australia Buddha Lounge*  
Rasa Prabhupada Padma Slow Music for Yoga*
Ririi Shimada Trois Gymnopedies Piano Works: Satie
Jian Xiao-Qing Mist Breathing Spaces
Al-Andalus Chiaroavro Genetic Memories

Third Half Hour
Patrick Ball Good Morning to Your Nightcap Fair Play
Talvin Singh/Rakesh Chaurasia Meeting Vira
Red Shift Mantra Cloudnoise Deep Field Image  
Skydance The Other Side of Sorrow Live in Spain
Constance Demby Alleluliah Sanctum Sanctuorum

Fourth Half Hour

Patrick Ball Bobby Casey's Fair Play
Phil Aaberg At One Point I See an Antelope Field Notes
Thomas Newman Title Theme Six Feet Under
Bobby McFerrin Kalimba Suite Beyond Words
Stephen Micus Part 1 Twilight Fields  

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