For the Week of August 14, 2000

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Following is a listing of the musical selections airing on Echoes

for August 14-18, 2000. The dates on the playlists are the dates
the programs are distributed to stations.  Please check the
program ID number to verify the program if your station
broadcasts the program on a different day than it is distributed.
                     FEATURES FOR THE WEEK

                     Monday August 14, 2000
                     TONY LEVIN: BOTTOMS UP
Tony Levin is a bass player's bassist.  His list of credits
stretches for pages and includes Joan Armatrading and Peter
Gabriel in addition to being a member of King Crimson.  Tony
recently put out a solo album called WATERS OF EDEN (Narada) that
posits the idea of bass as a lead instrument.  We talk with Tony
and members of his band, including Larry "Synergy" Fast. 

                    Tuesday August 15, 2000
                    RASA'S HYMNS OF DEVOTION
Rasa is an Indian word loosely translating as "essence" and it's
the name of cellist Hans Christian's latest project.  On their
debut, DEVOTION, (Hearts of Space) Hans teams up with singer Kim
Waters, setting Indian devotional music to ecstatic rhythms laced
with Hans' cello, sarangi and nyckleharpe (keyed-fiddle). 
Although their lyrics and melodies date back centuries, there's
nothing traditional about their performance.  We talk with Hans
Christian and Kim Waters about the essence of Rasa.
                   Wednesday August 16, 2000
                    JALAN JALAN-AMBIENT BALI
The sounds of Bali have captivated western composers for decades,
beginning with Debussy and stretching through John Cage and Lou
Harrison.  Apparently it's also captivated the East.  Jalan Jalan
is a project put together by Japanese composer Yasufumi Yamashita
from the group, Sorma.  On their debut album, BALI (Pacific Moon)
Jalan Jalan takes Balinese cycles and instruments and places them
in a serene, ambient landscape.  Yasufume Yamashita talks about
Balinese ambience.

                    Thursday August 17, 2000
In his Hollywood home, rock guitarist Steve Stevens pulls out his
acoustic guitar and, joined by a flamenco guitarist,
percussionist and bassist, wails on music from his captivating
album, FLAMENCO.A.GO.GO (Ark 21).  The co-composer of most of
Billy Idol's hits, Stevens shows a different side to his guitar
playing, performing this music for the first time ever live,
exclusively on Echoes.

*denotes compilation

ID#00-J07-00161 Monday August 14, 2000 (Echoes Program 22J)
ARTIST              SELECTION           RECORDING

                         First Half Hour
Andrew White        The News from       Guitarra Celtica
Bill Frisell        Variations on a     Ghost Town
George Wallace      The Eternal Return  Communion
Steve Roach &       Healing Temple      Vine, Bark & Spore
 Jorge Reyes
Yas-Kaz             Track 8             Shinran/Path to Purity

                         Second Half Hour
Jonn Serrie         Gentle the Night    Century Seasons
Vas                 In the Garden of    In the Garden of
                     Souls               Souls
Annbjorg Lien       Astra               Baba Yaga
Nick Tyndall        Seetysa             Lagoon

                         Third Half Hour
Tony Levin          Opal Road           Waters of Eden
J. Arif Verner      Of Essence          Through the Timeless
Sanjay Mishra       Stoneflower Morning Rescue
Michael Hedges      Ignition            Best of...
Axiom of Choice     Ida                 Niya Yesh

                         Fourth Half Hour
                     TONY LEVIN: BOTTOMS UP
Tony Levin          Waters of Eden      Waters of Eden
Frank Specht        Wanderer im         Sebastian Im Traum
                     Schwarzen Wind
Ananda Shankar      Tanusree            Walking On
Paul Avgerinos      The Longing         Balancing Spheres

ID#00-J07-00162 Tuesday, August 15, 2000 (Echoes Program 33G)
ARTIST              SELECTION           RECORDING

                    First Half Hour
Michael Nyman       Jack                Wonderland
Scott Huckabay      Neptune's Forest    Echoes LRC v.5*
Dagda               Escape into the     Underworld
Nodens Ictus        The Gong of Ra      Spacelines
Mizuyo Komiya       A Lullaby of        Lullaby
Zbigniew Priesner   A Good Morning      10 Easy Pieces for Piano

                    Second Half Hour
Led Kaapana         Koke'e              Black Sand
Mino Cinelo         Namonale            Mino Cinelo
Takashi Kohgo       Tsubo Dance         Sky Dancing*
Steve Tibbetts      Any Minute          Safe Journey
Milladoiro          No Confin dosVerdes Auga De Maio
Guy Kark            For Iris            Canaan
                  Third Half Hour
Rasa                Govinda Jaya Jaya   Devotion
Sam Cardon          Dream Brother       Earth Cinema
Robert Rich         The Forest Dreams   Rainforest
                    of Bach
Mouth Music         Chi Mi Na           Mouth Music
The Mermen          Unto the            The Amazing CA Health &   
                    Resplendent          Happiness Road Show
Mark Dwane          Paragons             Archives
                  Fourth Half Hour
         Feature: RASA'S HYMNS OF DEVOTION
Rasa                Gopinatha           Devotion
Jonn Serrie/        The Ocean of Night  Hidden World
 Gary Stroutsos 
Michael Thomas      Ice Break           Arctic
ID#00-J07-00163 Wednesday, August 16, 2000 (Echoes Program 33H)
ARTIST              SELECTION           RECORDING

                    First Half Hour     
William Eaton       Water Bearer        Wisdom Tree
Barry Phillips      Inis Oirr           Cello
George Winston      Cloudburst          Plains
Patrick O'Hearn     Cello Suite #1      A Different Prelude
Brian Ales          Sad Man Club        November
Saul Stokes         Cloudshaping        Outfolding
                 Second Half Hour
Tino Izzo           The Lion, the       Nostalgia Trails
                     Witch & the Wardrobe
Daevid Allen &      excerpt             22 Meanings
 Harry Williamson
Dougie MacLean      The Search          Perthshire Amber
Michael Stearns     The Middle of Time  The Middle of Time
Omar Faruk Tekbilek Whirling Dervish    Dance Into Eternity
                    Third Half Hour
Jalan Jalan         Sembahyang          Bali
Pyramid Peak        Dive                Ocean Drive
Jeff Johnson &      Over Kells          Byzantum
 Brian Dunning
Michael Hedges      Silent Anticipations The Best of..
Axiom of Choice     Ida                 Niya Yesh
                    Fourth Half Hour
                Feature: Jalan Jalan

Jalan Jalan         Firefly Sanctuary   Bali
Stephan Micus       Gates of Fire       The Garden of Mirrors
Kate Price          Andalucia           The Isle of Dreaming

ID#00-J07-00161 Thursday August 17, 2000 (Echoes Program 33I)

ARTIST              SELECTION           RECORDING

                        First Half Hour
Gary Stroutsos      Yemanja             The Native Heart
Alan Stivell        E Kreiz Hag Endro   Back to Breizh
Lawrence Laughing   Wish you Peace      Now Our Minds are One
Roger Eno           Over the River      The Night Garden
Ash Ra Tempel       Excerpt             Gin Rose
    Second Half Hour
Milladoiro          Alalas da Villa     Auga de Maio
Samsara             Turquoise Blue      On the Waterlilies
Dominic Gaudios     Mary Grace          The Clearing
Ketil Bjornstad/    The Lake            Epigraphs
 David Darling
Alpha Wave Movement Another Time,       Drifted into Deeper Lands
                    Another Place

                    Third Half Hour
Bob Holroyd         The Sheer Weight    A Different Space
                    of Memory
Ian Melrose         Spiraling           Between the Sighs
Jeff Pearce         Veil of Lake Snow   To the Shores of Heaven
Mizuyo Komiya       A Lullaby of Takeda Lullaby
Tim Story           Heroic Gate         A Different Prelude*
                     of Heaven
CC Dome             The Glistening      Dream Furious EP

                 Fourth Half Hour
               A Living Room Concert with Steve Stevens           
Artist              Composition         Original Recording 

Steve Stevens       Cinecitta           Flamenco.A.Go.Go
Steve Stevens       Flamenco.A.Go.Go    Flamenco.A.Go.Go
Steve Stevens       Riviera '68          Flamenco.A.Go.Go
Steve Stevens       Dementia            Flamenco.A.Go.Go
ID#00-J07-00165 Friday, August 18, 2000 (Echoes Program 23I)

ARTIST              SELECTION           RECORDING
                         First Half Hour
Aryeh Frankfurter   Northfjord Halling  Harp Songs of the 
                                         Midnight Sun
Suzanne Teng        China Lily          Mystic Journey
Jonn Serrie         Andromeda Dream     Century Seasons
Ruben Garcia        5 Dreams from       Lakeland
Barry Phillips      Caoineadh an        Cello

                         Second Half Hour
Skyedance           La Gallega          Labyrinth
Axiom of Choice     Parvaz              Niya Yesh
Patrick Leonard     Floating with Amos  Rivers
Kevin Keller        Convergence         Pendulum
Bill Laswell        Lost Roads          Hear No Evil
                     Orchestral Site

                         Third Half Hour
Kentucky Standard   Rain on Demby Flats Kentucky Skies
Steve Schuch        The Coming of       The Shores of Lillisand
Peter Finger        Just Another Day    Open Strings
                     in May
Vas                 Ephemere            In the Garden of Souls
Sounds from the     Rye                 Terra Firma
                         Fourth Half Hour
Kim Robertson       The Spiral Gate     The Spiral Gate
Thomas Otten        Underdown Aperture  Close to Silence
Suzanne Ciani       Italian Movie       History of My Heart
CC: Dome            The Glistening      Dream Furious
Conrad Praetzel     River Truce         Entrance
Kate Price          Andalusia           The Isle of Dreaming

Copyright 2000 Pennsylvania Public Radio Associates, Inc.


ARTIST                TITLE / PRICE               ITEM#
Air                   Virgin Suicides $16.98      A120
Ancient Future        Asian Fusion $14.98         A19
Anderson, Laurie      Bright Red $17.98           A37
Axiom of Choice       Niya Yesh $17.98            A121 
Berkley, Michael T.   Arctic                      N/A 
Bjornstad & Darling   Epigraphs $17.98            B165 
Brion, Jon            Magnolia                    N/a
Chandra, Sheila       Roots & Wings $16.98        C34
Danna, Mychael        Girl, Interrupted SDTK      N/A
Delago, Hermann       Trancealpin                      N/A 
Draghici, Damian      Gypsy Journey               N/A   
Dunster, Chinmaya     Feng Shui $16.98                 D115    
Dwane, Mark           Archives                         N/A 
Echoes Living Room Concerts Vol. 5 $15.98         E99 
Echoes Living Room Concerts Vol. 4 $15.98         E98
Echoes Living Room Concerts Vol. 3 $15.98         E97
Echoes Living Room Concerts Vol. 2 $15.98         E96
Echoes Door in the Air Vol. 1 $9.98 CASS. ONLY  E1CS
Enya                  The Celts $18.98            E41
Evenson, Dean         Tao of Healing $16.98       E83
Finger, Peter         Open Strings $17.98         F55
Fire Crow, Joseph     Cheyenne Nation $16.98      F56 
Garcia, Ruben         Lakeland                    N/A 
Gerrard, Lisa &       The Insider Sndtk $18.98     G109 
   Pieter Bourke
Gunn, Nicholas        Return to Grand Canyon $16.98     G113 
Hart, Mickey          Spirit into Sound $17.98    H103
Hedges, Michael       The Best of $17.98          H105 
Hoinrich & Gascoigne  Emerald Forest SDTK         out of print
Holroyd, Bob          A Different Space           N/A
Izzo, Tino            Nostalgia Trails                 N/A 
Jalan Jalan           Bali $19.98 import          J31
Jhno                  Membrane $16.98                  *membrane 
Jhaveri, Shweta       Anahita $17.98              J32
Keane, Brian          New York SDTK               N/A
Kennedy               Classic Kennedy $17.98      K78
Komiya, Mizuyo        Lullaby $19.98 import       K74 
Lamond, Mary Jane     Lan Duil $18.98                  L70
Leonard, Patrick      Rivers $17.98               L74 
Levin, Tony           Waters of Eden $16.98       L72
Lien, Annbjorg        Baba Yaga $17.98            L66
Lin, Caryn            Tolerance for Ambiguity $16.98 L45
MacLean, Dougie       Perthshire Amber $17.98          M140 
Mays, Lyle            Solo $17.98                      M139 
Merman, The           The Amazing California Heal      N/A 
                        That Happiness Road Show 
Mertens, Wim          In Your Ear 2: Scores $17.98 I29
Metheny, Pat          Map of the World Sndtck $17.98   A117 
Mishra, Sanjay        Rescue                      N/A
Monk                  Blink $16.98                M128
Moodafaruka           La Luna Lounge $16.98       M121
Newman, Thomas        American Beauty SDTK        N/A 
Newman, Thomas        Erin Brockovich SDTK        N/A 
O'Hearn, Patrick      Metaphor $14.98             O43
Orbit, William        Pieces in a Modern Style $17.98  O67
Ostroushko, Peter     Sacred Heart $17.98         O70 
O'Connor/Ma/Meyer     Appalachian Journey $17.98  M137 
O'Lionaird, Iarla     I Could Read the Sky $16.98      O69 
Oregon                Best of Vanguard Years      O68
Otten, Thomas         Close to Silence $17.98     O66
Pearce, Jeff          To the Shores of Heaven $16.98 P77 
Penguin Cafe Orch.    Oskar & Leni SDTK $17.98    P72
Phillips, Barry       Cello $17.98                P79 
Price, Kate           The Isle of Dreaming $17.98 P78 
Rasa                  Devotion $16.98             R110 
Revell, Graeme        The Insider SDTK            N/A
Roach & Reyes         Vine, Bark & Spore          N/A
Sakamoto, Ryuichi     BTTB $17.98                 S200
Serrie, Jonn          Century Seasons $24.98      S212 double
Shastro               Tantric Heart $16.98        S206
Shenandoah, Joanne    Peacemaker's Journey $16.98 S197 
Skyedance             Labyrinth $16.98            S202
Sorma                 Mirage of the East $19.98   S207 
Soulfood              Wingmakers                  N/A
Spacecraft            Kaleida Dreams              N/A
Spriggs, Michael      Without Words $15.98        S195
Stivell, Alan         Back to Breizh $17.98       S209
Stokes, Saul          Outfolding $16.98           S215 
Teng, Suzanne         Mystic Journey $16.98       T98 
Tibbetts, Steve       Northern Song $17.98        T11
Vas                   In the Garden of Souls $17.98 V6 
Westhorpe, Rick       Music from Holy Vale        N/A 
White, Andrew         Guitarra Celtica $17.98     W101
Wild Colonials        Reel Life Vol. 1 $16.98     W102
Wollo, Erik           Guitar Nova                 N/A 
Yoshida, Kiyoshi      Asian Dreams $19.98 import  Y14
Zimmer & Gerrard      Gladiator SDTK $17.98       

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