For the Week of September 4, 2000

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Following is a listing of the musical selections airing on Echoes
for September 4-8, 2000. The dates on the playlists are the dates
the programs are distributed to stations.  Please check the
program ID number to verify the program if your station
broadcasts the program on a different day than it is distributed.
                     FEATURES FOR THE WEEK
                    Monday September 4, 2000
David Pritchard put out a great CD called AIR PATTERNS on which
he over-dubbed his own acoustic guitar up to five times,
creating.a minimalist guitar orchestra.  That album is out of
print now,but we've resurrected it in an Ancient Echo.

                   Tuesday September 5, 2000
Shao Rong is a Chinese musician who plays the pipa, an elaborate
and delicate lute.  She joins her plucked strings with the piano
of Missa Johnouchi, a Japanese composer and pianist in a rare
living room concert.  Shao Rong's music, heard on her Japanese
release, ORCHID (Pacific Moon), is fragile and delicate with an
undertone of sensuality.  Missa Johnouchi is a pianist who tends
towards the romantic on her CD, ASIAN BLOSSOMS (Pacific Moon). 
Together they create a singular experience in the Echoes Living
Room from Tokyo.

                   Thursday September 7, 2000
                  UTTARA-KURU: BUDDHIST BEATS 
Uttara-Kuru is a Japanese project band put together by Kazumasa
Yoshioka and Seiichi Kyoda.  On their debut album, PRAYER
(Pacific Moon), they put Buddhist chants to electronica beats. 
Their second CD, EAST WIND (Pacific Moon), takes a more pastoral
approach, merging traditional Japanese instruments and melodies
with sounds of Bali and western instruments.  Yoshioka and Kyoda
talk about the exploration of their Asian heritage through a
modern music.

                    Friday September 8, 2000
Garrett Parks is a man of many faces.  He records mysterious,
simply packaged EPs under different guises including Crown
Invisible, CC: Dome and Giovanni Fibilini. Much of his
atmospheric, haunting electronica is drawn from just a few
musical fragments that he reshapes with each piece. He's also a
fierce boogie woogie pianist and comes from an acting family that
stars on stage and screen.  We enter Garrett Parks's studio where
he peals back the intangible layers of Crown Invisible.

*denotes compilation

ID#00-J07-00176 Monday, September 4, 2000 (Echoes Program 24H)

ARTIST              SELECTION           RECORDING
     Monday September 4, 2000
     First Half Hour
Patrick O'Hearn     Two Continents      Trust
David Pritchard     Inward Bound        Air Patterns
Vas                 The Inward Coil     In the Garden of Souls
Nightnoise          Do We               The White Horse Sessions
David Pritchard     Air Patterns        Air Patterns

     Second Half Hour
David Pritchard     A Pale View         Air Patterns
Bjornstad & Darling The Guest           Epigraphs
Thomas Newman       Erin Brockovich     Erin Brockovich
David Pritchard     A Stop Along the    Air Patterns
David Pritchard     Clockwork #1        Air Patterns
David Pritchard     Clockwork #2        Air Patterns
Runestone           Revelations         Swirling Dreams
David Pritchard     Dream Sequence      Air Patterns

     Third Half Hour
Damian Draghici     Haunting Eyes       Gypsy Journey
J. Arif Verner      Through the         Through the Timeless
Giovanni Sollima    Hinton's Drawings   Aquilarco
Sanjay Mishra       Stoneflower         Rescue

     Fourth Half Hour
Jonn Serrie         Tingri Maiden       Century Seasons
Sorma               Miyabi              Mirage of the East
Led Kaapana         Salomila/New Opihi  Black Sand
Juan Martin         In the Sultan's     The Alchemist
Rasa                Govinda Jaya Jaya   Devotion

ID#00-J07-00177 Tuesday, September 5, 2000 (Echoes Program 36G)
ARTIST              SELECTION           RECORDING
     Tuesday, September 5, 2000
                    First Half Hour
Penguin Cafe        Air a Danser         Concert Program
Jeff Johnson/       Vows                 Byzabtium
 Brian Dunning
Vas                 The Inward Coil      In the Garden of Souls
Michael Hedges      Arrowhead            The Best of...
Dougie Maclean      Perthshire Amber     Perthshire Amber
Patrick O'Hearn     Bach Cello Suite #1  A Different Prelude*

                    Second Half Hour
A Livingroom Concert with Missa Johnouchi & T. Shao Rong

Composer            Track                 Original CD

Missa Johnouchi     Asian Wind           Asian Blossoms
Missa Johnouchi     Seasons              Asian Blossoms
Missa Johnouchi     Once Upson a Time    Asian Blossoms
Shao Rong           True Love            Orchid
Missa Johnouchi     Song of the Silk Rd  Asian Blossoms

                    Third Half Hour 
Chinmaya Dunster    Right Intention      Feng Shui
Takashi Kohgo       Tsubo Dance          Sky Dancing*
Lawrence Laughing   I Wish You Peace     Now Our Minds are One
Nodens Ictus        Spacelines           Spacelines
Omar Faruk Tekbilek Whirling             Dance Into Eternity

                    Fourth Half Hour
John Serrie/        Mystery of Falcon Cove Hidden World
 Gary Stroutsos
Lisa Gerrard        Now We Are Free        Gladiator
Ketil Bjornstad/    Epigraph Var. 1        Epigraphs
 David Darling
Milladoiro          Alalas da Ulla         Auga de Maio
Djivan Gaspargan/   Fallen Star            Black Rock
 Michael Brook
Carl Weingarten     Come With Me           Blue Faith


ID#00-J07-00178 Wednesday, September 6, 2000 (Echoes Program 36H)
ARTIST              SELECTION           RECORDING
                    Wednesday, September 6, 2000
                    First Half Hour
Optical Image       Day After              Interference
Roger Eno           Later That Night       The Nightgarden
Daevid Allen        Twenty-two Meanings    Twenty-two Meanings
Jalan Jalan         Firefly Sanctuary      Bali
Peter Ostroushko    Medicine Bow           Sacred Heart
The Mermen          Heat Beatitude         The Amazing California
                                           Health & Happiness
                                           Road Show

                    Second Half Hour
David Helpling      Divine Whisper         Sleeping on the Edge
                                           of the World
Tony Levin          Waters of Eden         Waters of Eden
Harold Budd         The Room               The Room
Jeff Johnson/       Over Kells             Byzantium
 Brian Dunning
Afro Celt           Amber                  Vol.  2 Release
 Sound System
Uakti               Promises of the Sun    Uakti

                    Third Half Hour
David Arkenstone    The Jade Mountain      Caravan of Light
Sea Raven           River of Ravens        Rainmaker
Sam Cardon          Floodplain of the Nile Earth Cinema
Stephen Micus       Gates of Fire          The Garden of Mirrors
Bill Douglas        Karuna                 Eternity's Sunrise
Soul Food           Chamber 12             Wingmakers

                    Fourth Half Hour
Tino Izzo           Her Song               Nostalgic Trails
Barry Phillips      Braigh Loch Iall       Cello
Tim Story           A Broken Alphabet      The Perfect Flaw
Chicane             Saltwater              Behind the Sun
William Watson      Garden of Zen          Burnham Woods

ID#00-J07-00179 Thursday, September 7, 2000 (Echoes Program 36I)

ARTIST              SELECTION              RECORDING
                    Thursday, September 7, 2000
                    First Half Hour
Patrick Leonard     Floating with Amos     Rivers
David Belmont       Waterfalls             Wind Water Excursion
Bill Douglas        Farther than the Stars Eternity Sunrise
Accadia             Into the Dawn          Chilled Euphoria*
Breeder             Twilo Thunder          Chilled Euphoria*

                    Second Half Hour
Ron Clearfield      Baqti                  Time on Earth
Yashu               Longing                Oasis
Paul Hanson         Bach Prelude 19 in A   A Different Prelude
Lakveet-Scab        Unlikely Thesis        Silent Mars
Shapeshifters       Lotus                  Shapeshifters

                    Third Half Hour
Axiom of Choice     A Walk By the Lake     Niya Yesh
Joanne Shenandoah   The Eagle Watches      Peacemakers Journey
Lyle Mays           Long Life              Solo
Mike Oldfield       Supernova, Magellan,   Songs of Distant Earth
                     First Landing         
Black Star Liner    Inverse                Horizons

                    Fourth Half Hour
                Feature: Uttara-Kuru
Uttara-Kuru         Wings of the Eagle     East Wind
J. Arif Verner      Through the Timeless   Through the Timeless
Thomas Otten        Underdown Aperture     Close to Silence
Richard Bone        Waters of Assiyah      Ascensionism
ID#00-J07-00180 Friday, September 8, 2000 (Echoes Program 36J)

ARTIST              SELECTION           RECORDING
                    Friday, September 8, 2000
                    First Half Hour
One Alternative     Boulder Sky            Changes
Another Fine Day    Scarborough Faire      Salvage
Michael Nyman       Jack                   Wonderland
Thomas Barquee      Guru                   Temple

                    Second Half Hour
                     Martin Tillman Feature
Martin Tillman      Odessa                 Eastern Twin
Andreas             Vals del Sur           Cosmopoly
Philip Glass        Mechanical Ballet      Symphony #3
Runestone           Revelations            Swirling Dreams

                    Third Half Hour
Harold Budd         The Room of Corners    The Room
Magical Strings     Bell off the Ledge     Bell off the Ledge
Faithless           Drifting Away          Chilled Euphoria*
Katcha              Touched by God         Chilled Euphoria*
Odessi              Moments of Ambience    Chilled Euphoria*

                    Fourth Half Hour
Kate Price          Planxty Almblade Cruso The Isle of Dreaming
Keith Bear          Hidatsa Garden Song    Earth Lodge
Mizuyo Komiya       Path                   Lullaby
Der Spyra           City of Glass          Home Listening is 
                                            Killing Clubs
Milladoiro          Ribeirana e Golpe      Auga de Maio
Vieux Diop          Mom's Jam              Afrika Wassa
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