For the Week of September 18, 2000

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                     FEATURES FOR THE WEEK
                   Monday September 18, 2000
Ask any Celtic harpist, from Loreena McKennitt to Patrick Ball to
Maire Brennan who influenced them and the name Alan Stivell is
sure to arise.  His 1971 album, RENAISSANCE OF THE CELTIC HARP
turned a generation on to this neglected instrument.  Stivell
himself has been playing it since the early 1950s when he made
his first album.  Stivell is still a favorite with his fusion of
traditional Breton folk music and rock arrangements.  His latest
album is BACK TO BREIZH (Dreyfus).  Stivell takes on a Celtic
harp odyssey. 

                   Tuesday September 19, 2000
Mizuyo Komiya is a young Japanese musician playing an ancient
Japanese instrument, the koto.  Only she doesn't play the
traditional 13-stringed version, but a large 25-stringed
variation.   A zither-style instrument that is tuned with
moveable bridges, with strings plucked on one side and bent on
the other to change their pitch, Komiya weaves a richly detailed
soundworld on her latest album, LULLABY (Pacific Moon).  In
Tokyo, Mizuyo Komiya takes us between the strings.

                  Wednesday September 20, 2000
                        MARY JANE LAMOND
Nova Scotia singer Mary Jane Lamond takes Scottish traditional
music and updates it with modern beats and atmospheres mixed in
with location recordings of the original songs. Mary Jane Lamond
talks about traditional music in a modern world on her new album,
LAN DUIL (Wicklow). 

                  Thursday September 21, 2000
                   JIM COLE'S HARMONIC VOICES
Jim Cole is a musician living in Connecticut who's inspired by
music from Mongolia and Tibet. In the tradition of DAVID HYKES'
HARMONIC CHOIR, Cole specializes in a vocal technique called
harmonic singing.  He sings a note and splits it into overtones
making it sound like 2, 3, even four singers are performing at
once.  Back in 1994, he deployed this technique in the deep echo
of a watertank near his home.  He put out the album COALESCENCE
(Spectral Spiral) and has just released a second recording from
those sessions called SKY.  We return once again to the ethereal
world of Jim Cole and his Spectral Voices.

*denotes compilation

ID#00-J07-00186 Monday, September 18, 2000 (Echoes Program 28I)

ARTIST              SELECTION           RECORDING
                    Monday September 18, 2000
                    First Half Hour
Alan Stivell        Eliz Iza               Renaissance of The
                                           Celtic Harp
Dougie MacLean      Mr.& Mrs. MacLean of   Perthshire Amber
Rick Westhorpe      Island Heart           Music from Holy Vale
Michael Sterns      Longing                Within
Ashit Desai         A New Dawn             Eternity

                    Second Half Hour
                     Feature: Alan Stivell
Alan Stivell        E Kreiz Hag Endro      Back to Breizh
Soulfood            Chamber 12             Wingmakers
Axiom of Choice     Chaos of Paradise      Niya Yesh

                    Third Half Hour
Barry Phillips      I Love to See the      Cello 
                    Wheels in Motion
Tino Izzo           The Lion,The Witch,    Nostalgia Trails
                    & The Wardrobe         
Dave Stringer       Ganashyama             Brink
Alpha Wave Movement Another Time           Drifted Into Deeper 
                    Another Place          Lands
Chinmaya Dunster    Right Intention        Feng Shui
                        Fourth Half Hour
Ketil Bjornstad/    The Guest              Epigraphs
 David Darling
Michael Thomas      Moonlit Warmth         Arctic
Rasa                Gopinatha              Devotion
The Mermen          Heart Beatitude        The Amazing 
                                           California Health & 
                                           Happiness Road Show
Sanjay Mishra       Stoneflower Morning    Rescue
Saul Stokes         Somewhere Current      Outfolding

ID#00-J07-00187 Tuesday, September 19, 2000 (Echoes Program 38G)
ARTIST              SELECTION           RECORDING
                    Tuesday, September 19, 2000
                    First Half Hour
Stephan Micus       Passing Cloud          The Garden of Mirrors
Preston Reed        What You Don't See     Handwritten Notes
Harold Budd         The Room of Ancillary  The Room
Arc                 Arc-Angel              Radio Sputnik

                    Second Half Hour
Milladoiro          Marcha Processional    Auga De Maio
                     de Caldas de Reis
Paul Hanson         Bach: Prelude #19      A Different Prelude*
Ron Clearfield      Nana                   Time on Earth
Carl Weingarten     Illumina Suite         Blue Faith
Another Fine Day    Scarborough Faire      Salvage
Lyle Mays           Let Me Count the Ways  Solo

                    Third Half Hour 
Mizuyo Komiya       A Lullaby of Shimabara Lullaby
Rick Westhorpe      Island Heart           Music from Holy Vale
Nawang Khechog      Ocean of Waves         Karuna
Kolinda             Ej Banat               Osz
Alpha Wave Movement Silent Promise         Drifted Into Deeper

                    Fourth Half Hour
                     Feature: Mizuyo Komiya
Mizuyo Komiya       Path                   Lullaby
Bartz               The Talking Future     Build Your Own Planet
Samsara             Turquoise Blue         On the Water Lilies
Alex de Grassi      Cumulus Rising         The Water Garden


ID#00-J07-00188 Wednesday, September 20, 2000 (Echoes Program 38H)
ARTIST              SELECTION           RECORDING

                    Wednesday, September 20, 2000

                    First Half Hour
Mary Jane Lamond    Cattle on the Hill     Lan Duil
Ron Clearfield      Baqti                  Time on Earth
Sam Cardon          Dream Brother          Earth Cinema
Shastro             The Diamond & the      Tantric Heart

                    Second Half Hour
                   Feature: Mary Jane Lamond
Mary Jane Lamond    Tonight my Step is     Lan Duil
Christopher Colucci Look Back              The Force of
Axiom of Choice     A Walk by the Lake     Niya Yesh
Xumantra            Code Talker            The Golden Portal

                    Third Half Hour
Dominic Gaudios     Mary Grace             The Clearing
Serrie & Stroutsos  Hidden World           Hidden World
Mike Oldfield       Sentinel               Tubular Bells II
Chicane             Saltwater              Behind the Sun
Frank van Bogaert   Earth                  Geographic

                    Fourth Half Hour
Paul Winter         Dawnwalker             Celtic Solstice
Robert Rich         Coils                  Seven Veils
Afro Celt           Release                Release
 Sound System
Oregon              Beneath an Evening     Oregon in Moscow
Harold Budd         The Room of Oracles    The Room

ID#00-J07-00189 Thursday, September 21, 2000 (Echoes Program 38I)

ARTIST              SELECTION              RECORDING

                    Thursday, September 21, 2000

                    First Half Hour
Mark Dwane          Paragons              Archives
Dagda               The Marriage of       Underworld
                    Princess Nairh
Rob Wasserman       Ipanema               Space Island
Shweta Jhaveri      To a Beloved          Anahita
Tim Farrell         Sky Dancer            Sky Dancer

                    Second Half Hour
Alpha Wave Movement Another Time,         Drifted Into Deeper 
                    Another Place         Lands
The Guo Brothers    My Second Life        Yuan
Barry Phillips      Inis Oirr             Cello

Preston Reed        Crossing Open Water   Handwritten Notes 
Vieux Diop          Mom's Jam             Afrika Wassa

                    Third Half Hour
Jeff Johnson/       Kazimain's Gift        Byzantium
 Brian Dunning
Der Spyra           Iceland                Home Listening is
                                           Killing Clubs
Carl Weingarten     Come With Me           Blue Faith
Paul Machlis        The Early Morn         The Bright Field
Yashu               Questions of the Heart Oasis

                    Fourth Half Hour
                       FEATURE: JIM COLE
Jim Cole            Uplifting (Excerpt)    Sky
Sorma               Bagus Flyer            Mirage of the East
Steve Tibbetts      Walking                Northern Song
Keith Bear          Pumpkin Seed           Earth Lodge

ID#00-J07-00190 Friday, September 22, 2000 (Echoes Program 22H)

ARTIST              SELECTION           RECORDING
                    Friday, September 22, 2000
                    First Half Hour
Rupert Parker       Disturbing Dream       Disturbing Dreams
Ketil Bjornstad &   The Guest              Epigraphs
 David Darling
Sonic Tribe         Passage 4 love         Sonic Tribe
J Arif Verner       Across the Abyss       Through the Timeless
Chicane             Saltwater              Behind the Sun

                    Second Half Hour
Axiom of Choice     A Walk by the Lake     Niya Yesh
Michael Brook       The City               Albino Alligator
Jonn Serrie &       Mystery of Falcon      Hidden World
 Gary Stroutsos      Cove
Lisa Gerrard &      Now We Are Free        Gladiator SDTK
 Hans Zimmer
Gandalf             Departure              Journey to an 
                                           Imaginery Land

                    Third Half Hour
George Winston      No Ke Ano Ahiahi       Plains
Skyedance           Fite Fuaite            Labyrinth
Vas                 Sevdama                In the Garden 
                                           Of Souls
Steve Roach         Destination Horizon    A Door in the Air*

                    Fourth Half Hour
Bill Nelson         The Receiver and       Optimism
                     the Fountain Pen
Alan Stivell        E Kreiz Hag Endro      Back to Breizh
Michael Hedges      Ritual Dance           The Best of
Kate Price          Mystic Warrior         The Isle of Dreaming

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