For the Week of September 25, 2000

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                     FEATURES FOR THE WEEK
                   Monday September 25, 2000
                  STEVE STEVENS'S REBEL YELL 
He's the star of many videos with Billy Idol, but on Echoes,
we'll hear guitarist Steve Stevens talking about the Flamenco
sound of his album, FLAMENCO-A-GO-GO.  Steve Steven's reveals
another side to his "Rebel Yell." 

                  Wednesday September 27, 2000
                      MAKYO-ZEN SYNTHESIST
He lives in Tokyo and has a vaguely Asian name, but Makyo is an
American musician working a highly cultivated brand of ethno-
techno music.  He records under the names Makyo and Padmassana
and when he isn't in his closet of an apartment melting the walls
making exotic albums like SHRINGARA (Dakini) , you might find him
DJing a rave at the foot of Mount Fuji.  We squeezed into Makyo's
studio, where he revealed the influences and confluences of his
global electronic soundscapes. 

                  Thursday September 28, 2000
Garrett Parks is a man of many faces.  He records mysterious,
simply packaged EPs under different guises including Crown
Invisible, CC: Dome and Giovanni Fibilini. And much of his
atmospheric, haunting electronica is drawn from just a few
musical fragments that he reshapes with each piece.  He's also a
fierce boogie woogie pianist and comes from an acting family that
stars on stage and screen.  We enter Garrett Parks's studio where
he peals back the intangible layers of Crown Invisible.

                   Friday September 29, 2000
While many musicians are unplugging, extolling the virtues of
acoustic instruments, natural sounds and rootsy playing, Ian
Boddy is resolutely wired. This legendary synthesist has been a
major influence on the British electronic music scene and his
albums span lush orchestral synthesis and classic space music
ambiences. Ian Boddy plugs in to Echoes, talking about his new
label, DiN, and retro directions for a future music.

*denotes compilation

ID#00-J07-00191 Monday, September 25, 2000 (Echoes Program 30J)

ARTIST              SELECTION           RECORDING
                    Monday September 25, 2000
                    First Half Hour
Steve Stevens       Letter To A Memory    Flamenco.A.Go.Go
Alpha Wave Movement Another Time,         Drifted Into Deeper
                    Another Place          Lands
Rasa                Gonesha Shararam      Devotion
Mark Dwane          Amazon                Archives

                    Second Half Hour
                    Feature: Steve Stevens
Steve Stevens       Velvet Cage           Flamenco.A.Go.Go.
Steve Roach &       Black Cloud           Ritual Ground
Elmar Schulte
Guy Kark            Camel Song            Canaan
Michael Stearns     Chaco Landlight       The Middle of Time

                    Third Half Hour
Sorma               Satie's Sari          Mirage of the East
Arvo Part           Fur Alina             Alina
Soulfood            Chamber 12            Wingmakers
Happy Rhodes        If Wishes Were        Many Worlds Are Born
                    Horses...             Tonight

                    Fourth Half Hour
Jeff Pearce         Veil of Lake Snow     To The Shores of
Mino Cinelo         Namonale              Mino Cinelo
John Serrie &       Earth Sky             Hidden World
 Gary Stroutsos
Faithless           Drifting Away         Chilled Euphoria*
Katcha              Touched By God        Chilled Euphoria*
Odessi              Moments of Ambience   Chilled Euphoria*

ID#00-J07-00192 Tuesday, September 26, 2000 (Echoes Program 24J)
ARTIST              SELECTION           RECORDING
                    Tuesday, September 26, 2000
First Half Hour
Paul McCandless     Motet Ave Verum       Mozart Variations*
Tony Levin          Opal Road             Waters of Eden
Amit Chatterjee     Endless Radiance      When Worlds Collide 
Andreas             Vals del Sur          Cosmopoly
Shastro             The Diamond and       Tantric Heart

                    Second Half Hour
Axiom of Choice     Prelude               Niya Yesh
Barry Phillips      Inis Oirr             Cello
Annbjorg Lien       Astra                 Baba Yaga
Alan Stivell        E kreiz Hag Endro     Back to Breizh
Hemisphere          Only Certitude        Inversion 
Sheila Chandra      Lament of             Roots and Wings

                    Third Half Hour
Wild Colonials      Victim                Reel Life Vol. 1
Kate Price          Planxty Almblade-     The Isle of Dreaming
Arvo Part           Fur Alina             Alina
Paul Winter         The Minstrel's        Celtic Solstice
Michael Thomas      Ice Break             Arctic

                    Fourth Half Hour
Ketil Bjornstad &   Upland                Epigraphs
 David Darling
Steve Roach &       Healing Temple        Vine, Bark & Spore
 Jorge Reyes
Joseph Fire Crow    Two Buffalo Bills     Cheyenne Nation
Oregon              Grazing Dreams        Best of the Vanguard


ID#00-J07-00193 Wednesday, September 27, 2000 (Echoes Program 39H)
ARTIST              SELECTION           RECORDING
                    Wednesday, September 27, 2000
                    First Half Hour
Spool               Tuesday               Echoes LRC vol5*
Mino Cinelu         Namonale              Mino Cinelu
Yashu               Longing               Oasis
Steve Roach/        Two Reptiles          Live Archive
 Vidna Obmana
                    Second Half Hour
Jeff Pearce         Veil of Lake Snow     To the Shores of Heaven
Nakai/Eaton/Nawang  A Gathering of Eagles A Distant Place
Michael Stearns     Chaco Landlight       The Middle of Time
Harold Budd         The Room of           The Room
                    Accidental Geometry
Oregon              Along the Way         Oregon in Moscow
Omar Faruk Tekbilek Kolaymi               Dance into Eternity

                    Third Half Hour
Padmasana           A Distant Star        Padmasana
Barry Phillips      Braigh Loch Iall      Cello
Shapeshifters       Lotus                 Shapeshifters
Carl Weingarten     Come With Me          Blue Faith
Dueter              White Bird, Blue Sky  Sun Spirit

                    Fourth Half Hour
Makyo               Chandan               Shringara
Tino Izzo           The Lion , the Witch  Nostalgia Trails
                    & the Wardrobe        
Axiom of Choice     Ida                   Niya Yesh

ID#00-J07-00194 Thursday, September 28, 2000 (Echoes Program 39I)

ARTIST              SELECTION             RECORDING
                    Thursday, September 28, 2000
                    First Half Hour
Crown Invisible     V13                   Crown Invisible 2
Roger Eno           Later That Night      The Night Garden
Lida Husik          Build a Fire          Faith in Space
Another Fine Day    In 5                  Salvage
Jeff Johnson/       Vows                  Byzantium
 Brian Dunning
Ron Clearfield      Time on Earth         Time on Earth

                    Second Half Hour
                    FEATURE: Crown Invisible 
CC:Dome             The Glistening        The Dream Furious E.P.
Milladoiro          Romance de            Auga de Maio
Kate Price          The Isle of Dreaming  The Isle of Dreaming
Sam Cardon          Flood Plain of the    Earth Cinema

                    Third Half Hour
Will Ackerman       Shella's Pictures     Sound of Wind Driven Rain
Martin Tillman      Ceremony              Eastern Twin
Vas                 Sevdama               In the Garden of Souls
Rob Wasserman       Ipanema               Space Island
Oregon              Beneath an            Oregon in Moscow
                    Evening Sky

                    Fourth Half Hour
Harold Budd         The Room of           The Room

                    Forgotten Children
Thomas Barquee      Guru                  Temple
John Serrie/Gary    Hidden World          Hidden World
Nakai/Eaton/Nawang  Dream Catcher         In A Distant Place
Led Kaapana         Koke'e                Black Sand

ID#00-J07-00195 Friday, September 29, 2000 (Echoes Program 39J)

ARTIST              SELECTION           RECORDING
                    Friday, September 29, 2000
                    First Half Hour
Ian Boddy           Box of Secrets        Box of Secrets
Badi Assad          Waves                 Chameleon
The Mermen          Heart Beatitude       The Amazing California
                                           Health & Happiness 
                                           Road Show
Martin Simpson      Plains of Waterloo    Cool & Unusual
Outback             Air Play              Baka
Saul Stokes         Cloud Shaping         Outfolding

                    Second Half Hour
                    FEATURE: IAN BODDY
Arc                 Radio Sputnik         Radio Sputnik
Dougie McClean      The Fair City         Perthshire Amber
Martin Tillman      Rue Sibelius          Eastern Twin
Jeff Johnson/       Kazimain's Gift       Byzantium
 Brian Dunning

                    Third Half Hour
Bill Douglas        Farther than          Eternity's Sunrise 
                     the Stars            
Deuter              Horizon               Sun Spirit
Annbjorg Lien       Cantabile             Prisme
Sheila Chandra      Lament of McCrimmon   Roots and Wings
Nodens Ictus        Spacelines            Spacelines

                    Fourth Half Hour
Stephan Micus       Passing Cloud         The Garden of Mirrors
Alpha Wave Movement Awakening the         Drifted Into
                     Sand Spirits          Deeper Lands
Keith Bear          Hidatsa Garden Song   Earthlodge
Tim Story           Liquid Shadow Night   The Perfect Flaw
Der Spyra           City of Glass         Home Listening is 
                                          Killing Clubs

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