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October 7-11, 2002

Following is a listing of the musical selections airing on Echoes for the week of October 7-11, 2002.  The dates on the playlists are the dates the programs are distributed to stations.  Please check the program ID number to verify the program if your station broadcasts the program on a different day than it is distributed.

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Tuesday 010/08/02
This is the debut of the latest Echoes Living Room Concert CD. We've drawn upon our favorite concerts, recorded exclusively for Echoes over the last year or so to compile this recording. Among the highlights, Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble, solo piano performances by Philip Aaberg and Suzanne Ciani. We hear the Dutch synthesizer trio Wave World taking a trip into space and a gamelan meditation by Shaman's Dream. There's a gentle Celtic aire by Solas and a lap steel guitar expanse from Robert Rich. World fusion ranges from Lumin to Ancient Future as well as Celtic harpist Lisa Lynne with the Persian Lian Ensemble. You'll hear the first harpsichord ever to be played live on Echoes with Richard Searles and a rare trio of guitarist David Cullen, oboist Jill Haley and bassist Michael Manring. The Echoes LRC 8 takes you to living rooms from Los Angeles to Philadelphia. Suzanne Ciani was recorded on the shores of Marin County and Wave World recorded on the floor of the Echoes living room.

Wednesday 10/09/02
Twenty years ago, composer Philip Glass and director Godfrey Reggio lighted up the screen with Koyaanisqatsi, a non-narrative film that explored the rapid change in life we're experiencing. Driven by Philip Glass's kinetic, melodic score, the film was a unique marriage of music and visuals. Now they've released the third part of their trilogy, NAQOYQATSI (Sony Classical). It's an even more harrowing view of the world that posits the idea that technology rules us more than we rule technology. Glass and Reggio explore the themes of their trilogy, which has taken on a different light in a post 9-11 world.

Thursday 10/10/02
Echoes is proud to present the very first performance of George Winston and Ray Manzarek together. George Winston, an icon of solo piano music and Ray Manzarek, a founding member of 60s rock icons The Doors, call up melodies from 35 years ago. George Winston has always claimed The Doors as a major influence and he recently recorded an album of their music called NIGHT DIVIDES THE DAY: THE MUSIC OF THE DOORS (Windham Hill). In this rare performance, George Winston and Ray Manzarek sit at a pair of grand pianos and play music from the album in their first-ever performance togther.

Friday 10/11/02
Tinh (Duhn) was born in Vietnam, but has developed a style of acoustic guitar playing that speaks more of Americana than Asia. Originally a classical player, he was converted to the steel-string side when the legendary John Fahey produced his debut album MY VIETNAMESE SUITE. George Winston liked that album and almost 15 years later, produced his second CD, ACOUSTIC RAIN.

*denotes compilation 

ID#02-J07-00200 Monday, October 7, 2002 (Echoes Program 41Q)
 First-Last/Group Name   Song Name  Album Name  

First Half Hour
Ranga Mahadev Radiant Awakening
Winifred Horan Albatross Just One Wish  
Justin Adams First Star Desert Road
David Wright Return of the Nomad Walking with Ghosts  
McGill/Manring/Stevens A Darkness Falls Upon Us Controlled by Radar
Axiom of Choice Ancient Sky Unfolding

Second Half Hour
Madredeus Ecos Na Catredral Electronico
Tim Story & Hans-Joachim Roedelius Lunz Lunz  
Philip Glass New World Naqoyqatsi
Rasa Prabhupada Padma In Concert
Michael Hewett Nagual Being in Dreaming
Richard Bone Templenet Disorient

Third Half Hour
Darvish Dawn Before Time Darvish
Omnimotion Sunbath Dub Omnimotion
Blue States Coloration Man Mountain
Medwyn Goodall The Wisdom of Ages Anam Cara
Bill Douglas  Entering the Dream Homeland
Thomas Newman Rain Hammers The Road to Perdition

Fourth Half Hour
Deep Sky Divers Raging Calm Highlands and Skylands More Info
Kevin Keller Trio Across the Sky pt 2 Across the Sky
California Guitar Trio Eve CGT+2
George Winston Bird of Prey Night Divides the Day
Zero Ohms/Brannan Lane Soundfall Soundfall to the Infinite

ID#02-J07-00201 Tuesday, October 8, 2002 (Echoes Program 41R)
 First-Last/Group Name  Song Name  Album Name  

First Half Hour
Will Ackerman The Impending Death of the Virgin Spirit Echoes LRC volume 4*
Shaman's Dream Offerings Echoes LRC volume 8*
Frank van Bogaert Reunion Human  
Lumin Stiga Echoes LRC volume 8*
Ed Bilous Rain Frontier House
Suzanne Ciani Terra Mesa Echoes LRC volume 8*

Second Half Hour
Solas Maybe in a Prayer Echoes LRC volume 8*
The Mundi Ensemble Stories from the Tree As Barley Falls  
Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble Chi Passa per'sta Strada EchoesLRC volume 8*

Robert Rich Steel Harmonics Echoes LRC volume 8*
Michael Hewett I Cover the Abyss with a Trance Being in Dreaming

Third Half Hour
Michael Mandrell Bagavan Dude Echoes LRC volume 6*
Wave World The Mountain Echoes LRC volume 8*
Peter Gabriel I Grieve  Up
Ancient Future Socha Socha Echoes LRC volume 8*

Fourth Half Hour
Philip Aaberg Marias River Breakdown Echoes LRC volume 8*
Stephen Bennett Color Line River  
Lisa Lynne Winter Moon Echoes LRC volume 8*

David Cullen Coming Home Echoes LRC volume 8*
Tim Story/Roedelius Dew Climbs Lunz  
Richard Searles Bryn y Ellyllon Echoes LRC volume 8*

ID#02-J07-00202 Wednesday, October 9, 2002 (Echoes Program 41S)
 First-Last/Group Name  Song Name  Album Name  

First Half Hour
Philip Glass Primacy of Number Naqoyqatsi
Chinmaya Dunster Gir Forest Sacred Temples of India
Carl Weingarten Tell the Story Escapesilence
Future Sound of London Osho The Isness
Martin/Klamt/Rownd Dreamwalking Convergence

Second Half Hour

Philip Glass Religion Naqoyqatsi
Nicholas Gunn Trail of Tears Through the Great Smoky Mountains
City Blickling Hall City  

Third Half Hour
Al DiMeola Meninas Flesh on Flesh
Steve Tibbetts Lupra A Man About A Horse
Peter Gabriel Sky Blue Up
Dana Cunningham Above the Canopy Dancing at the Gate
Matt Coldrick Throat Blue Unity Music for a Busy Head  

Fourth Half Hour
Bobby McFarrin Monks/The Shepherd Beyond Words
Stephan van Handel The Bridge to Anyang Pearls of the Soul  
Ah Nee Ma Stones Against the Sky The Grand Circle
Azam Ali Aj Ondas Portals of Grace
Vangelis Moxica and the Horse 1492:The Conquest of Paradise

ID#02-J07-00203 Thursday October 10, 2002 (Echoes Program 41T)

First Half Hour
Tom Verlaine and Kronos Quartet Spiritual Big Bad Love*
Chris Botti Deep Water Caught
Kit Watkins The Impulse of Flow Kinetic Vapors  
Louis Sclavis Le Travail Dans la Nuit
Madredeus A Andorinha da Primavera Electronico

Second Half Hour
Tingstad and Rumbel Clear Moon Quiet Winds Acoustic Garden
Fania Sawawani Sopi
Jeff Greinke Bounce Wide View  
Patrick Kosmos Random Illusion Comet's Tale
Axiom of Choice Through the Shadows Unfolding

Third Half Hour
Kevin Keller Trio Across the Sky pt 3 Across the Sky

Artist Title Original Recording  
George Winston and Ray Manzarek Crystal Ship Night Divides the Day:The Music of the Doors
George Winston and Ray Manzarek My Wild Love Night Divides the Day:The Music of the Doors
Ray Manzarek Ode to Jim unreleased  
George Winston and Ray Manzarek Bird of Prey  Night Divides the Day:The Music of the Doors

Fourth Half Hour

George Winston and Ray Manzarek Riders on the Storm Night Divides theDay: The Music of the Doors

following the concert:
Tuu Mesh Mesh
Anouar Brahem C'est Ailleurs Le Pas du Chat Noir

ID#02-J07-00204 Friday October 11, 2002 (Echoes Program 32T)

First Half Hour
Tinh The Firey Sky Acoustic Rain
Stella Chiweshe Huvhimi Talking Mbira
777 Batukau System Fire & Water
Jamshied Sharifi Ammeh Kimia A Prayer for the Soul of Layla
Dana Cunningham Above the Canopy Dancing at the Gate

Second Half Hour

Tinh We're Still Soldiers Acoustic Rain
James Horner Cracking the Russian Codes A Beautiful Mind
Rasa Prabhupada Padma Slow Music For Yoga*
Nicholas Gunn Trail of Tears Through the Great Smoky Mountains

Third Half Hour
Doug Smith/Doug Hanson Renewal II The Power of Two
Gary Stroutsos Ochun Oru
Kevin Keller Distanced Pendulum
Monica Robelotto Morning Tranzdanze

Fourth Half Hour
Jack Edward Smith Dreams Mundo Fantasia  
William Orbit Ogive #1 Pieces in a Modern Style
Paul Schwartz Project Vol de Nuit Earthbound
Michael Danna/Tim Clement Sparrow Hill Another Sun  
Ravi Shankar Sadhanipa Bridges

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