Echoes Playlist 10/16-20/00

Following is a listing of the musical selections airing on Echoes for October 16-20, 2000. The dates on the playlists are the dates the programs are distributed to stations. Please check the program ID number to verify the program if your station broadcasts the program on a different day than it is distributed.

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Monday October 16, 2000


The sounds of Bali have captivated western composers for decades, beginning with Debussy and stretching through John Cage and Lou Harrison. Apparently it's also captivated the east. Jalan Jalan is a project put together by Japanese composer Yasufumi Yamashita from the group, Sorma. On their debut album, BALI (Pacific Moon) Jalan Jalan takes Balinese cycles and instruments and places them in a serene, ambient landscape. Yasufumi Yamashita talks about Balinese ambience.

Tuesday October 17, 2000


Ron Clearfield started out as a classical cellist, but he got turned around years back and began exploring a more personal music that fuses his classical background with modern atmospherics and world music elements. He recently released the CD, TIME ON EARTH (Eversound). We talk with Ron about his cello revolution and contemporary chamber music.

Friday October 20, 2000


When we visited Norway in 1996, we traveled across the fiords to talk with Erik Wollo. This electronic composer has been recording since the early 1980s, playing in groups like Celeste with Oystein Sevag and Bendik Hofseth. His 1998 album Guitar Nova has just been released in the U.S. for the first time. We'll take you into his Wintergarden Studio to hear some samples of his music and talk about the impact of his Northern home on his music.

***************************************************************** *denotes compilation

ID#00-J07-00206 Monday, October 16, 2000 (Echoes Program 33H)
  First Half Hour     
William Eaton Water Bearer Wisdom Tree
Barry Phillips Inis Oirr Cello
George Winston Cloudburst Plains
Patrick O'Hearn Cello Suite #1 A Different Prelude
Brian Ales Sad Man Club November
Saul Stokes Cloudshaping Outfolding
  Second Half Hour     
Tino Izzo Lion w/the Wardrobe Nostalgia Trails
Daevid Allen and Harry Williamson excerpt 22 Meanings  
Dougie MacLean The Search Perthshire Amber
Michael Stearns The Middle of Time Middle of Time  
Omar Faruk Tekbilek Whirling Dervish Dance Into Eternity
  Third Half Hour     
Jalan Jalan Sembahyang Pagi Bali
Pyramid Peak Dive Ocean Drive  
Jeff Johnson / Brian Dunning Over Kells Byzantium
Michael Hedges Silent Anticipations The Best of..
Axiom of Choice Ida Niya Yesh
  Fourth Half Hour     

Feature: Jalan Jalan
Jalan Jalan Firefly Sanctuary Bali
Stephan Micus Gates of Fire The Garden of Mirrors
Kate Price Andalusia The Isle of Dreaming

ID#00-J07-00207 Tuesday, October 17, 2000 (Echoes Program 42G)
  First Half Hour     
Ron Clearfield Time on Earth Time on Earth
Forrest Fang Sierpinski Plain Gongland
Mpath The Longing Meeting Rivers
Martin Tillman Amadeus on the Nile Eastern Twin
  Second Half Hour     

Feature: Ron Clearfield
Ron Clearfield Baqti Time on Earth
Mizuyo Komiya Oyasumi Lullaby
Bob Holroyd Earthwatching A Different Space
Dusty Trails St. Tropez Dusty Trails
Harold Budd The Room The Room
  Third Half Hour     
Milladoiro Romance De Triacastela Auga de Maio
Erik Wollo The Eagle Guitar Nova
State of Grace Angelica State of Grace
Jeff Johnson/Brian Dunning Sea Wolves Byzantium
Steve Roach/Byron Metcalfe The Lair The Serpent's Lair
  Fourth Half Hour     
James Wilkinson For Far From A Distant Shore
Solas Homeless The Hour Before Dawn
Samsara Turquoise Blue On The Waterlilies  
Jeff Pearce A Fading To the Shores of Heaven
Carl Weingarten Illumina Suite Blue Faith
Michael Thomas Berkley Ice Break Arctic

ID#00-J07-00208 Wednesday, October 18, 2000 (Echoes Program 24J)
  First Half Hour    
Paul McCandless Motet Ave Verum Corpus Mozart Variations*  
Tony Levin Opal Road Waters of Eden
Amit Chatterjee Endless Radiance When Worlds Collide
Andreas Vollenweider Vals del Sur Cosmopoly
Shastro The Diamond and Lotus Tantric Heart
  Second Half Hour    
Axiom of Choice Prelude Niya Yesh
Barry Phillips Inis Oirr Cello
Annbjorg Lien Astra Baba Yaga
Alan Stivell E Kreiz Hag Endro Back to Breizh
Hemisphere Only Certitude That Inversion  
Sheila Chandra Lament of McCrimmon Roots and Wings
  Third Half Hour    
Wild Colonials Victim Reel Life Vol. 1
Kate Price Planxty Almblade-Cruso The Isle of Dreaming
Arvo Part Fur Alina Alina
Paul Winter The Minstrel's Adieu Celtic Solstice
Michael Thomas Berkley Ice Break Arctic
  Fourth Half Hour    
Ketil Bjornstad / David Darling Upland Epigraphs
Steve Roach / Jorge Reyes Healing Temple Vine, Bark and Spore  
Joseph Fire Crow Two Buffalo Bulls Cheyenne Nation
Oregon Grazing Dreams Best of the Vanguard Years

ID#00-J07-00209 Thursday, October 19, 2000 (Echoes Program 42I)
  First Half Hour    
Gary Stroutsos Hidatsa Contest Song Echoes LRC Vol. 5*
Preston Reed Crossing Open Water Handwritten Notes
Tangerine Dream The Orange Breath The 7 Letters from Tibet
Carl Weingarten Blue Faith Blue Faith
Tunde Jegede Song of the Waterfall Trance Planet Vol.5*
  Second Half Hour    
Al Petteway / Amy White Ghost on a Carousel Gratitude
Stephen Graziano / Nick Glennie Smith Prelude: The Song of the Pooka Highlander Endgame
John Serrie Tingri Maiden Century Seasons
Kate Price Kate Counts Eight The Isle of Dreaming
Saul Stokes Cloud Shaping Outfolding
  Third Half Hour    

 An Ancient Echo featuring Bruce BecVar's "Forever Blue Sky"
Bruce BecVar Forever Blue Sky Forever Blue Sky (out of print)
Bruce BecVar New Frontiers Forever Blue Sky (out of print)
Dougie MacLean Mr and Mrs MacLean Of Snaigow Perthshire Amber
Martin Tillman Ceremony Eastern Twin
The Mermen Heart Beatitude The Amazing California Health and Happiness Road Show
Bruce BecVar The Sands of Time Forever Blue Sky (out of print)
  Fourth Half Hour    
Bruce BecVar Steady Motion Forever Blue Sky (out of print)
Takashi Kohgo Tsubo Dance Sky Dancing*   
Patrick O'Hearn Bach Cello Suite #1 A Different Prelude*
Bruce BecVar Waves Forever Blue Sky (out of print)
Barry Phillips Inis Oirr Cello
Bruce BecVar Chrysalis Forever Blue Sky (out of print)

ID#00-J07-00210 Friday, October 20, 2000 (Echoes Program 42J)
  First Half Hour    
Erik Wollo Rainbows Guitar Nova
Jesse Cook Incantation Free Fall
Omar Faruk Tekbilek Song of the Pharoahs Dance into Eternity
Arc Octane Radio Sputnik   
  Second Half Hour    

Feature: Erik Wollo
Erik Wollo Road Guitar Nova
Preston Reed What You Don't See Handwritten Notes
Stephan Micus Gates of Fire The Garden of Mirrors
Roedelius Blueblut Rodeliusweg
  Third Half Hour     
Axiom of Choice A Walk by the Lake Niya Yesh
Tingstad & Rumbel Zelda's Dance Paradise
Carl Weingarten Come With Me Blue Faith
Richard Leo Johnson Sketches of Miles Language
Tangerine Dream The Golden Heart The 7 Letters from Tibet
Jeff Johnson/Brian Dunning Vows Byzantium
  Fourth Half Hour    
Bill Douglas Farther than the Stars Eternity's Sunrise
Nacho Sotomayor Prayer La Roca vol 2
Aoife ni Fhearraigh Seacht Suailci Na Maighdine Muire Trance Planet volume 5*
Nodens Ictus Atavista Spacelines  
Al Petteway/Amy White Gratitude Gratitude
Yashu Questions of the Heart Oasis
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