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November 4-8, 2002

Following is a listing of the musical selections airing on Echoes for the week of November 4-8, 2002.  The dates on the playlists are the dates the programs are distributed to stations.  Please check the program ID number to verify the program if your station broadcasts the program on a different day than it is distributed.

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Tuesday 11/5/02
We travel to England where Eygptian percussionist Hossam Ramzy talks about his journey from traveling with the Bedouins to traveling with rock stars like Peter Gabriel and Robert Plant. You may not know Hossam Ramzy's name, but you've heard him adding Middle Eastern grooves to Gabriel's PASSION, Jimmy Page & Robert Plant's NO QUARTER and Phil Thornton's IMMORTAL EGYPT. In Ramzy's southern England home he beats out some Middle Eastern grooves and talks about becoming the first call Middle Eastern percussionist in England.

Wednesday 11/06/02
Michael Hewett brings his acoustic guitar to the Echoes Living Room along with a cellist and percussionist to unfold the rich melodies and chamber ambiences of his new album, BEING IN DREAMING. An instructor of Yoga in New York City, Hewett brings a dynamism and lyricism to his music, influenced by guitarists Michael Hedges and Pat Metheny. Using electronic effects and live looping, Hewett orchestrates a modern chamber music in this live performance.

Thursday 11/07/02
Loop Guru is the influential ethno-techno band from England that fuses samples of ethnic recordings into hallucinogenic soundscapes, usually powered by the beat. Loop Guru is still making music, but core members Sam Dodson and Jym Darling have created a couple of splinter groups, Thaw and Slipper. In Dodson's suburban London rowhouse, the two key us in to their new sound designs and give us a sample of some of their works in progress, including adaptations of early American jazz.

Friday 11/08/02
STEVE TIBBETTS- Meditative Mayhem

Guitar iconoclast Steve Tibbetts reveals his manic meditations on Echoes. Hailing from Minnesota, Tibbetts has been charting a course through a hallucinogenic world fusion for a quarter century, most of it recorded by the German ECM label. A legend in indie-progressive music circles, Tibbetts garnered additional renown a few years ago when he adapted the chants of Tibetan nun Choying Drolma to his ambient landscapes. On his latest album, A MAN ABOUT A HORSE (ECM Records), Tibbetts debunks the serene concepts of meditative music and creates an electro-acoustic guitar excursion of throbbing rhythms and pyro-technic leads.
*denotes compilation 

ID#02-J07-00220 Monday November 4, 2002 (Echoes Program 45Q)
 Artist  Selection  Title   Start Time

First Half Hour
Stephen Bennett City on the Hill Ten   0:01:00
Shaman's Dream Offerings Echoes LRC volume 8* more info 0:06:00
Philip Glass Religion Naqoyqatsi 0:10:07
Axiom of Choice Evanescent Unfolding 0:18:58
Robert Carty Cleansing Dreaming Earth Water Memories   0:23:23

Second Half Hour
KooKoon Mind's Ear Magnetic Moon   0:31:00
Prem Joshua & Manish Vyas Moon Song Water Down the Ganges 0:37:25
Kotaru Oshio Komorebi Starting Point 0:44:08

George Winston Crystal Ship Night Divides the Day 0:49:43
Jeff Pearce Written in Water Bleed   0:54:45

Third Half Hour
Kevin Keller Trio Across the Sky pt 3 Across the Sky 0:01:00
Tim Story & Hans-Joachim Roedelius Clue Lunz   0:06:00
Darshan Ambient The Night Watchman Selected Works vol 3   0:10:58
Steve Howe Shifting Sands Skyline 0:20:37
Gary Stroutsos Bablau Aye Oru: The Natural Order 0:26:13

Fourth Half Hour
Cyber Zen Sound Engine Mu Psych Auslander 0:31:00
Happy Rhodes If Wishes Were Horses How Beggars Would Ride Many Worlds are Born Tonight   0:35:49
Tristan Feldbauer Boone City    0:40:44

Dominic Gaudious Embrace Where I Stand 0:49:11
Michael Hewett I Cover the Abyss with a Trance Being in Dreaming 0:52:15

ID#02-J07-00221 Tuesday November 5, 2002 (Echoes Program 45R)
Artist Track Album Title   Start Time

First Half Hour
Nick Wood Confined to Ice Sound Virus ~B0006HI4U^ 0:01:00
Carl Weingarten Lafayette Escapesilence 0:06:00
Charles Lloyd Hymn to the Mother Lift Every Voice   0:08:42
Winifred Horan Albatross Just One Wish   0:23:32
Blue States Coloration Man Mountain 0:27:44
Break       0:29:30

Second Half Hour
Jeff Johnson and Brian Dunning Silence in the Day Benediction 0:31:00
Lorenza Ponce and Ben Zebelman Count Each Kiss Song of Songs 0:35:14
Peppino D'Agostino Under the Same Sky Every Step of the Way 0:37:27
Break       0:43:48
Klangwelt Nice 2CU Weltweit   0:44:33
Rasa Hari Haraye In Concert 0:49:59

Third Half Hour
Phil Thornton and Hossam Ramzy Morocco Dance Immortal Egypt   0:01:00
Kevin Keller Trio A Star in a Stoneboat Across the Sky 0:06:00
Annbjorg Lien Astra Aliens Alive 0:12:57
Ian Boddy Escape Velocity Aurora more info 0:17:19
break       0:29:30

Fourth Half Hour Feature:

Feature: Hossam Ramsy
Hossam Ramzy The Star Collector Egyptian Rai   0:38:00
Break       0:41:45
Craig Armstrong Hymn 2 As If to Nothing 0:42:30
Bonnie Rideout Lamentation for the Fallen Heroes of Waterloo Scottish Reflections 0:47:19
Gevorg Dabaghyan Anush Garun Miniatures 0:50:39
Banco de Gaia 887 10 Years   0:54:31

ID#02-J07-00222 Wednesday November 6, 2002 (Echoes Program 45S)
Artist Track Album   Start TIme

First Half Hour
Diane Arkenstone Ethereal Rain Jewel in the Sun 0:01:00
Tim Story & Hans-Joachim Roedelius Dew Climbs Lunz   0:06:00
KooKoon Mojo Magnetic Moon   0:10:31
Steve Tibbetts Lupra A Man About A Horse 0:17:36
Tommy Emmanuel Those Who Wait Only 0:22:18
Scott Cossu Sweet Nostalgia Emerald Pathway 0:26:37
Break       0:29:30

Second Half Hour

A Living Room Concert with Michael Hewitt
Artist Composition Original CD   0:58:20
Michael Hewitt Crisis and Observation Being in Dreaming 0:58:20
Michael Hewitt The Ever Widening Circle Being in Dreaming 0:58:20
Michael Hewitt I Cover the Abyss with a Trance Being in Dreaming 0:58:20

Third Half Hour
Steve Gorn Hummingbird Colors of the Mind 0:01:00
Bill Douglas Entering the Dream Homeland 0:06:00
Ancient Future Socha Socha Echoes LRC volume 8* more info 0:09:32
Jeff Pearce Through Tears Bleed   0:18:57
Matt Coldrick Throat Blue Unity Music for a Busy Head   0:22:15
Break       0:29:30

Fourth Half Hour
Al DiMeola Meninas Flesh on Flesh 0:30:00
Craig Urquhart The Whale's Lament Evocation 0:35:31
Break       0:42:11
Jeff Johnson and Brian Dunning O Father Loyal and True Benediction 0:42:56
Madredeus A Lira Electronico 0:49:08
David Wright Night Moves Walking with Ghosts   0:54:05

ID#02-J07-00223 Thursday November 7, 2002 (Echoes Program 45T)
 First-Last/Group Name  Song Name  Album Name  ASIN  Running Time

First Half Hour
One Worlds Away Four September Suns 0:01:00
Anouar Brahem C'est Ailleurs Le Pas du Chat Noir 0:6:00
George Winston I Can't See Your Face In My Mind Night Divides the Day 0:13:56
Klaus Schulze Easy Listening Cocooning-Contemporary Works 2   0:17:43
Break        0:29:30

Second Half Hour
Future Sound of London Osho The Isness 0:30:00
Kotaru Oshio Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence Starting Point 0:32:08
Ranga Mahadev Radiant Awakening 0:37:39
Break       0:43:24
Medwyn Goodall Headwind Anam Cara 0:44:09
Rudy Adrian Venus the Clouded Sphere Starfields   0:50:03

Third Half Hour
Loop Guru Tchengo Duniya 0:01:00
Cam Newton Morning of the Gypsy King Ipso Facto 0:06:00
Azam Ali A Chantar Mer Portals of Grace 0:09:09
Darshan Ambient Wasteland Selected Works vol 3   0:15:33
Steve Gordon Balance Dance Drum Prayer 0:23:12
Break       0:29:30

Fourth Half Hour

Thaw Jaya Holy Cat   0:37:00
Break       0:43:14
Robert Rich Steel Harmonics Echoes LRC volume 8* More Info 0:43.59
Peter Gabriel Sky Blue Up 0:51:20
Thomas Newman Rain Hammers The Road to Perdition 0:57:54

ID#02-J07-00224 Friday November 8, 2002 (Echoes Program 36S)
 Artist  Selection  Title  
Steve Tibbetts  Lupra A Man About a Horse
Dave Stringer Brink Brink
Carl Weingarten Child's Play Escapesilence
The Future Sound of London Go Tell It To the Trees Egghead The Isness
Rick Heizman Kora Flora Hard To Reach Places
Air Modular Mix Premiers Symptomes

Second Half Hour

Steve Tibbetts Glass Everywhere A Man About a Horse
Jalan Jalan Firefly Sanctuary Bali
Craig Padilla and Skip Murphy Temporal Suspension Temporal Suspension  

Third Half Hour
Stephen Bennett City on the Hill Ten  
Marco Cerletti Random and Providence Random and Providence  
Thomas Newman Rock Island 1931 Road to Perdition
Steve Naieve Part 2 It's Raining Somewhere  

Fourth Half Hour
Laraaji Celestial Dolphin My Orangeness  
Anjali Hymn to Goddess Mother Melodies of Ancient India  
Andrew York Pine Cove Denouement  
Al Andalus Chiaroscuro Genetic Memories
Fania Sawawani Sopi
Phil Thornton in Search of Avalon Dreamscapes

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