Echoes Playlist

November 12-16, 2001

Following is a listing of the musical selections airing on Echoes for the week of November 12-16, 2001.  The dates on the playlists are the dates the programs are distributed to stations.  Please check the program ID number to verify the program if your station broadcasts the program on a different day than it is distributed.

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Monday 11/12/01
Earlier this year, Ed Harris released POLLOCK, his harrowing film portrayal of painter Jackson Pollock. Creating the musical counterpoint to the troubled artist's psychological trauma and triumphal artistry is composer Jeff Beal. In his Southern California studio, Beal reveals the psychological undertow and minimalist influences of his acclaimed score, POLLOCK (Unitone).

Tuesday, 11/13/01
It's brand new, and as usual, the latest Echoes Living Room Concert CD sounds like the best hour of Echoes you can imagine. From world fusion to solo piano, acoustic guitar stylings to atmospheric chamber music--it's all here.

Wednesday, 11/14/01
In Marin County, California, we enter the studio sanctum of Rasa. Singer Kim Waters weaves her Vedic chants amidst an orchestra of Hans Christian playing nyckelharpe (Swedish keyed fiddle), sarangi (Indian violin) and cello. Coupled with electric bass and percussive grooves, they give a magical performance, playing music live from their recent album, UNION (Hearts of Space).

Friday, 11/16/01
In Oakland Hills in northern California, we enter the living room of Jeffrey Stott and get transported into another world where Bulgarian chants, middle eastern strings and global percussive grooves converge. Jeffrey's group is Lumin. Oud and yali-tambor player Jeffrey Stott, computer programmer Michael Emenau and singer Irina Mikhailova talk about their world fusion and affinity for global rave heard on their new CD, HADRA (Lumin Music).

*denotes compilation 

ID#01-J07-00226 Monday November 12, 2001 (Echoes Program 37M)

First Half Hour
Jeff Beal Plant Your Garden/The Look Pollock

Paul Ellis Under the Waves a Sky of Water Into the Liquid Unknown

George Winston Tamarack Pines Forest

Hans Zimmer Journey to the Line The Wings of a Film

Sun Twins The Big Dream Punte Del Este Sunset

Second Half Hour

Jeff Beal Breaking the Rules Pollock

Jean Luc Ponty Lonely Among All Life Enigma

Dean De Benedictus Embraced A Lone Reply

Alex Cline Benediction The Constant Flame

Soulfood/Billy McLaughlin Into the Blue Out of the Blue Guitar Meditations

Third Half Hour
David Cullen Equilibre Equilibre

Slopshop Blue Angel Makrodelia 2  
Erik Wollo Dream Lines Wind Journey

Baka Beyond Evening Song Sogo

Kiyoshi Yoshida Summer Grass Asian Drums II

Fourth Half Hour
Ottmar Liebert Little Wing Little Wing

Paul Winter Cathedral Forest Earth Voices of a Planet

Peter Ross Journey at Dusk Mystic Caravan  
Epiphany Project To the Lighhouse Epiphany Project

Spool Tuesday Echoes LRC 5*

ID#01-J07-00227 Tuesday November 13, 2001 (Echoes Program 46L)

First Half Hour
Erik Wollo Drone Music #1 Echoes LRV Vol 7*

Afro Celt Sound System The Silken Whip Echoes LRC Vol 7*

Kate Price The Isle of Dreaming Echoes LRC Vol 7*

Tim Farrell Across the Northlands Echoes LRC Vol 7*

B-Tribe Adagio in g minor Spiritual Spiritual

Second Half Hour
Dean Evenson/Scott Huckabay Soul Journ Healing Dreams

Ishq Sol Flotation*
Axiom of Choice Valeh Echoes LRC Vol 7*

Gary Stroutsos Falcon Cave Echoes LRC Vol 7*

Third Half Hour
Ketil Bjornstad/David Darling The Sea V Echoes LRC Vol 7*

Nakai/Eaton/Clipman Prelude to a Storm Echoes LRC Vol 7*

Habib Khan Rose Echoes LRC Vol 7*

Richard Leo Johnson Sketches of Miles Echoes LRC Vol 7*

Nick Wood Agua Sound Virus

Fourth Half Hour
Suzanne Teng China Lily Mystic Journey

Kit Watkins (excerpt) Music for the End
Eric Tingstadt/Nancy Rumbel Sailing Echoes LRC Vol 7*

George Winston Plains Echoes LRC Vol 7*

Jeff Johnson/Brian Dunning Elieson Echoes LRC Vol 7*

ID#01-J07-00228 Wednesday November 14, 2001 (Echoes Program 46M)

First Half Hour
Brian Gore Legacy Legacy

Makyo Soar Angelic Yakshini  
Maggie Sansone All Hallow's Eve/The Seeker Celtic Meditations

Richard Searley Dragonfly The Green Man

Second Half Hour
Robert Rich Nesting on Cliffsides Bestiary

Scott August Emergence Distant Spirits

Agricantus Pinseri Ethnosphere

Dervish The Hungry Rock Decade

Edna Michell Reich: Duet Compassion

Third Half Hour
Ruben Romero/Robert Tree Cody Gentle Wind Native Brotherland

Will Millar/Paul Horn Iron Paddies Journey of the Celts

Erik Wollo Dream Lines Wind Journey

Philip Glass Anthem part 1 Philip on Film

Son-Dha Dreaming Red Sector A Speeds Up Alio Die

Fourth Half Hour

Artist Title Original Album
Rasa Hari Haraye Union

Rasa Sri Rupa Manjari Union

Rasa Govindam Union

ID#01-J07-00229 Thursday November 15, 2001 (Echoes Program 35M)

First Half Hour
Deep Sky Divers Raging Calm Momentum  
Autumn's Child Yellow Field Storytelling
Afro Celt Sound System Onwards Further in Time
Charlie Haden/Egberto Gismonti Don Quixote In Montreal

Second Half Hour
Oystein Sevag Message from Silence Close Your Eyes  
Dusted Childhood When we Were Young
Loop Guru Out Here Loop Bites Dog  
Strunz/Farah Shamsa Stringweave
Joaquin Lievano Himalaya Ecologie

Third Half Hour
Davide Ravasio Muezzin Desert Shaman
Kit Watkins Logarhythms The Unseen  
Dead Can Dance Indus Spiritchaser
John Huling Coyote's Dance Ancient Canyons

Fourth Half Hour
Soul Food/Billy McLaughlin The White Bear Guitar Meditation  
tim Farrell Across the Northlands Songs from Clarowood
Geist Great Ocean Echoes LRC Vol 3*
Hana Falling Omen
Brian Eno/J. Peter Schwalm Persis Drawn From Life

ID#01-J07-00230 Friday November 16 2001 (Echoes Program 46P)

First Half Hour
Lumin Stiga Hadra
Dean DeBenedictus Avenging Ill-fated Visions A Lone Reply
Jon Durant Persimmon Brief Light
Nicholas Gunn The Grand Circle The Great Southwest
Benjy Wertheimer Wings of a Thousand Moths Circle of Fire  
Chinmaya Dunster Ha-Tha Sacred Ground

Second Half Hour

Lumin Hadra Hadra
Peppino D'Agostino A Salty Dog A Glimpse of Times Past
Monica Robelotto Tranzdanze Tranzdanze  
Will Ackerman Illumina Hearing Voices

Third Half Hour
Peter Kater/R.  Carlos Nakai When Worlds Collide Through Windows and Walls
David Darling Children Cello Blue
Cindy Combs Kaulana Na Pua Slack Key Lady
Dead Can Dance Bylar 1981-1998
Green Isac Red Guitar Groundrush

Fourth Half Hour
Libera Vespera Luminosa
Yann Tiersen Le Moulin Amelie
Michael Hedges Ritual Dance Beyond Boundaries
Mouth Music Manitoba Seafaring Man
Paul Ellis Under the Waves A Sky of Water Into the Liquid Unkown
Lorenza Ponce Beloved Mystic Fiddler

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