Echoes Playlist 12/11-12/15

Following is a listing of the musical selections airing on Echoes for - December 11-December 15, 2000.  The dates on the playlists are the dates the programs are distributed to stations.  Please check the program ID number to verify the program if your station broadcasts the program on a different day than it is distributed.

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Monday December 11, 2000
Ron Clearfield started out as a classical cellist, but he got turned around years back and began exploring a more personal music that fuses his classical background with modern atmospherics and world music elements.  He recently released the CD, TIME ON EARTH (Eversound).  We talk with Ron about his cello revolution and contemporary chamber music.

Wednesday December 13, 2000
Vidna Obmana is an ambient explorer from Belgium with over two dozen albums out, including collaborations with Steve Roach and Jeff Pearce.  Vidna travels from Belgium to the Echoes Living Room for an ambient orchestration of synthesizers and fujara flutes.   Weaving these sounds together, he builds a flowing, virtual landscape full of sonic detail and hidden shadows.  This is an Echoes Living Room Concert for headphones.

Thursday December 14, 2000
BEST OF 2000

Friday December 15, 2000
Harold Budd's Plateaux of Mirror was #2 in Brian Eno's Ambient Music series.  Harold Budd recently released his first new album in five years.  It's called THE ROOM and he invites us inside to talk about his ambient designs on Echoes.

*denotes compilation

ID#00-J07-00246 Monday December 11 2000 (Echoes Program 42G)

First Half Hour
Ron Clearfield Time on Earth Time on Earth
Forrest Fang Sierpinski Plain Gongland  
Mpath The Longing Meeting Rivers  
Martin Tillman Amadeus on the Nile Eastern Twin  

Second Half Hour
Ron Clearfield Baqti Time on Earth  
Mizuyo Komiya Oyasumi Lullaby  
Bob Holroyd Earthwatching A Different Space  
Dusty Trails St. Tropez Dusty Trails  
Harold Budd The Room The Room  

Third Half Hour
Milladoiro Romance De Triacastela Auga de Maio  
Erik Wollo The Eagle Guitar Nova  
State of Grace Angelica State of Grace  
Jeff Johnson/Brian Dunning Sea Wolves Byzantium  
Steve Roach/Byron Metcalfe The Lair The Serpent's Lair  

Fourth Half Hour
James Wilkinson For Far From A Distant Shore  
Solas Homeless The Hour Before Dawn  
Samsara Turquoise Blue On The Waterlilies   
Jeff Pearce A Fading To the Shores of Heaven  
Carl Weingarten Illumina Suite Blue Faith  
Michael Thomas Berkley Ice Break Arctic  

ID#00-J07-00247 Tuesday   December 12 2000 (Echoes Program 40J)

First Half Houra
Michael Thomas Berkley Moonlit Warmth Arctic  
Martin Tillman Rue Sibelius Eastern Twin  
Mark Isham Part 2 Tibet  
David Darling Irish Miles Balance  

Second Half Hour
Michael Brook Midday Hybrid  
Guy Kark Camel Song Canaan   
Solas Homeless The Hour Before Dawn  
Harold Budd The Room The Room  
Vas Prayer for Soheil In the Garden of Souls  
John Lakveet/Dom F. Scab 12 Wishes Silent Mars   

Third Half Hour
The Sabres of Paradise Smokebelch II Chilled Euphoria*  
Paul Sauvenet Oasis Nomad  
Carlos Nakai/Nawang/Khechog A Gathering of Eagles In A Distant Place  
Preston Reed What You Don't See Handwritten Notes  
Kate Price Isle of Dreaming Isle of Dreaming  

Fourth Half Hour
David Belmont Waterfalls Wind Water Excursions  
Ron Clearfield Baqti Time on Earth  
Rom Ryan Inner Eyeglasses Mysteria   
Jesse Cook Incantation Free Fall  
Der Spyra Hypersonic Vibes Home Listening is Killing Clubs   

ID#00-J07-00248 Wednesday December 13 2000 (Echoes Program 50H)
ARTIST                        SELECTION RECORDING  

First Half Hour
Jorge Alfano El Agua es El Camino Chasky  
Al Petteway/Amy White Ghost on a Carousel Gratitude  
John Wubbenhorst Happy Journey Bansuri Dreams   
Erik Wollo Quiet River Guitar Nova  
Carol Noonan Lagan Love Carol Noonan   
Steve Roach/Elmar Schulte Black Cloud Ritual Ground  

Second Half Hour

Improvisation #1   
Improvisation #2   

Third Half Hour
Carl Weingarten Come with Me Blue Faith  
David Cullen Sunday Morning Indigo Blue  
Guarneri Underground Mango Twister Captive  
Paul Winter Yahu Journey with the Sun  
Zero One Search Prototype 2   

Fourth Half Hour
Nakai/Eaton/Clipman/Nawang My Wild Heart Sings In a Distant Place  
Tingstad/Rumbel Sailing Paradise  
Habib Khan Rose Longing  
Coyote Oldman Canyon Flutes Echoes LRC Vol 6  
Wendy Carlos A Woman's Song Beauty in the Beast  

ID#00-J07-00249 Thursday December 14 2000 (Echoes Program 50I)


BEST OF 2000


ID#00-J07-00250 Friday December 15 2000 (Echoes Program 50J)

First Half Hour
Tangerine Dream The Golden Heart The 7 Letters from Tibet  
Sam Cardon Floodplain of the Nile Earth Cinema  
Sean Washburn Between the Heartbeats Wave Mantra   
Caroline Peyton The Christ Child's Lullaby Celtic Christmas Spirit   
Preston Reed After a Rain Handwritten Notes  
Jia Peng Fang Light Dance Rainbow  

Second Half Hour
State of Grace Veni Creator Spiritus State of Grace  
Ashera Play Ground Color Glow   
Tim Story/Roedelius A Broken Alphabet Echoes LRC Vol 6*  
Ottmar Liebert Winter Solstice Christmas & Santa Fe   
Richard Leo Johnson Sweet Jane Thyme Language  

Third Half Hour
Harold Budd The Room of Corners The Room  
Takashi Kohgo Tsubo Dance Skydancing   
Gjallarhorn Goddess of Spring Sjofn  
Ron Boots Au Revoir Close But Not Touching   
Nightnoise New Trees at Knockaun Simple Gifts  

Fourth Half Hour

Harold Budd The Room of Ancillary Dreams The Room  
Kate Price Kate Counts Eight The Isle of Dreaming  
Ounapu Osakas Huvastijatukellad Helevalgelt Platoolt Fragile   

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