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Week of 12/18-22/00


Monday December 18, 2000

The erhu is a two-stringed Chinese instrument played with a bow, but unlike the violin, erhu players move between the notes in haunting, voice like bends.  Jia Peng Fang is a master of this instrument and he's bringing it into a modern instrumental world on his albums, RIVER and RAINBOW (Pacific Moon).  We talk to Jia Peng Fang about bringing this instrument into a trans-global setting.

Tuesday December 19, 2000
Kate Price brings her magical, sometimes mystical music into the Echoes Living room with an all-star cast of musicians.  Among them, Oregon reed player Paul McCandless, Ancient Future percussionist Ian Dogole, Rasa's Hans Christian on sarangi and nyckelharpe and Teja Bell on guitars.  They all join Kate and her hammered dulcimer for a vibrant performance of music drawn from her latest CD, The Isle of Dreaming.

Thursday December 21, 2000
Echoes greets the longest night of the year with a Winter's Solstice Celebration.  With not a carol in earshot, we paint a winter's landscape in sound, pristine and serene. Includes music from the new Windham Hill SIMPLE GIFTS CD.

Friday December 22, 2000
Every year on Sonic Seasonings we travel to living rooms around the country.  This year, Sonic Seasonings heads to the Pacific Northwest for the Celtic sounds of Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning, and the environmental ambiences of Dean & Dudley Evenson.  We venture to Oakland for an exquisite performance of the Ira Stein Trio with guest, singer Irina Mikhailova, and we drift out into a living room in space with Atlanta synthesist Jonn Serrie. Sonic Seasonings 2000 capturing both the spirit and the mood of the holiday season.

*denotes compilation

ID#00-J07-00251 Monday December 18 2000 (Echoes Program 43I)

First Half Hour
Jia Peng Fang Mirage of the Fall River  
Kate Price Andalucia The Isle of Dreaming  
Tangerine Dream The Orange Breath The 7 Letters From Tibet  
Mpath The Longing Meeting Rivers  
Erik Wollo Source Guitar Nova  

Second Half Hour

Jia Peng Fang Light Dance Rainbow  
John Lakveet/Dom Scab The Aisle Silent Mars   
Rhonda Larson Be Still My Soul Communion with God  
Martin Tillman Amadeus on the Nile Eastern Twin  

Third Half Hour
John Serrie/Gary Stroutsos Earth Sky Hidden World  
Jesse Cook All That Remains Free Fall  
Nakai/Eaton/Clipman/Nawang My Wild Heart Sings In A Distant Place  
Axiom of Choice Chaos of Paradise Niya Yesh  
Mark Isham The Swallow's Song Songs My Children Taught Me   

Fourth Half Hour
Paul Hanson Bach Prelude #19 A Different Prelude*  
Paul Winter Mountain Wedding Journey with the Sun  
Richard Leo Johnson Event Horizon Language  
Yashu Open Oasis  
Troika Crossing the Light Shaman  

ID#00-J07-00252 Tuesday   December 19 2000 (Echoes Program 51G)

First Half Hour
Jesse Cook Incantation Free Fall  
Guarneri Undergound Mango Twister Captive  
Carl Weingarten Blue Faith Blue Faith  
Ron Boots Giants of Once Before Close But Not Touching   

Second Half Hour

Kate Price The Journey On Deep Heart's Core  
Kate Price Kate Counts Eight The Isle of Dreaming  
Kate Price The Isle of Dreaming The Isle of Dreaming  
Kate Price Andalucia The Isle of Dreaming  

Echoes Program 51-G Hour 2

Third Half Hour
Nakai/Eaton/Clipman/Nawang Riding the Wind In a Distant Place  
Ira Stein/Irina Mikhailova Winter Light Festival of Light 2*
Tan Dun Yearning of the Sword Couching Tiger Hidden Dragon  
John Wubbenhorst Bengali Folk Song Bansuri Dreams   
Oregon Waterwheel Oregon in Moscow  

Fourth Half Hour
Arto Tuncboyacian Heaven for My Father Every Day is a New Life  
Annbjorg Lien W Baba Yaga  
Zero One Possibilities Prototype 2  
Keith Bear Pumpkin Seed Earthlodge  
Erik Wollo Quiet River Guitar Nova  

ID#00-J07-00253 Wednesday December 20 2000 (Echoes Program 51H)

ARTIST                        SELECTION RECORDING  

First Half Hour
Deepak Ram Lullaby for Krupa Searching for Satyam  
Forrest Fang Sierpinski Plain Gongland  
Carol Noonan Lagan Love Carol Noonan  
Al Petteway/Amy White Ghost on a Carousal Gratitude  
Ashera Play Ground Colour Glow   

Second Half Hour
John Hodian Piano 5 Section 2 Available Forms   
Samsara's Edge Mind Meld Samsara's Edge  
Glen Velez Higher Calling Breathing Rhythms  
Habib Khan Butterfly Longing  
James Wilkinson Westward From a Distant Shore  

Echoes 51-H hour 2

Third Half Hour
Michael Hedges Rickover's Dream The Best of Michael Hedges  
Micheal O'Domnaill Nollaig A Winter's Solstice*  
Soulfood/Steve Kuether Evolution Tranquility
State of Grace Miserere State of Grace
Vangelis Antarctic Echoes Antarctica   

Fourth Half Hour
Ounapuu Osakas Maamees Linna Fragile   
Solas Homeless The Hour Before Dawn  
Ricky Frystak Open Cry Voci  
Global Communication 14:31 76:14  

ID#00-J07-00254 Thursday December 21 2000 (Echoes Program 51I)

First Half Hour
Billy McLaughlin The White Bear Wintersongs & Traditionals  
Jonn Serrie/Gary Stroutsos The Ocean of Night Hidden World  
Michael Gettel Shelter Winter  
Hilmar orn Hilmarson Ars Moriend Invocation*
Tim Story The Earth Lay White On a Winter's Night*  

Second Half Hour
Ottmar Liebert Winter Solstice Christmas & Santa Fe  
Gene Rabbai Snow Yosemite Soundscapes   
Coulter/Phillips Ensemble Rain Into Snow Echoes LRC Vol 6*  
R. Carlos Nakai/William Eaton The First Snowfall Winter Dreams  
Anuna Winter Fire and Snow Winter Fire and Snow*  
Teja Bell Tree of Life The New Spirit of Christmas   

Third Half Hour
Winter Solstice Ensemble Magic Forest Winter Solstice on Ice*  
George Winston Night Snow December  
Stephanie Bennett Michigan Winter Stories Seldom Told  
Phil Thornton Winter Solstice Solstice   
Erik Wollo The Great White Solstice  

Fourth Half Hour
David Michael Dream Shadow Winter Reveries  
Ulla Pirtijarvi Hilda's Song Northern Nights*  
Nightnoise New Trees at Knockaun Simple Gifts*  
Klaus Schonning Flickering Emission Stars in the Night   
Mitsuko Palace in the Snow Ancient City  
Brian Keane Snowfalls Snowfalls  

ID#00-J07-00255 Friday December 22 2000 (Echoes Program 51J)

Living Room Concerts for Christmas

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First Half Hour
Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning Wayfarer CelticTwilight II (various artists)  
Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning

A Childhood Christmas

A Quiet Knowing


A Quiet Knowing


Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning Be Thou My Vision A Quiet Knowing  
Ira Stein Trio w/Irina Mikhailova Bach Chorale Bach Improvisations  
Ira Stein Trio w/Irina Mikhailova Winter Light Festival of Light 2 (various artists)  
Bridge Music: Jonn Serrie What Child Is This Upon A Midnight Clear  

Second Half-Hour
Dean & Dudley Evenson Himalayan Snow unreleased Browse Dean Evenson CDs
Dean & Dudley Evenson Mystic Sunrise unreleased Browse Dean Evenson CDs
Dean & Dudley Evenson Native Healing Native Healing
(April 2001release)
Browse Dean Evenson CDs
Jonn Serrie First Noel Upon A Midnight Clear  
Jonn Serrie Winter's Chapel Tingri  
Jonn Serrie Away in A Manger Upon A Midnight Clear  
Bridge Music: Jonn Serrie It Came Upon A Midnight Clear Upon A Midnight Clear  

Third Half Hour
Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning


Down the Chimney

Silverhand:Songs From Albion 2

A Celtic Christmas: Peace On Earth (various artists)

Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning O Come O Come Emmanuel Centerpoint  
Jonn Serrie O Holy Night Upon A Midnight Clear  
Jonn Serrie Midnight Medley Upon A Midnight Clear  
Bridge Music: Jeff Johnson Crystal Pillar Tale Tales of St. Brendan  

Fourth Half Hour
Ira Stein w/Irina Mikhailova Ave Maria unreleased  
Ira Stein w/Irina Mikhailova Russian Folk Song unreleased Browse Irina Mikhailova CDs
Dean & Dudley Evenson Joyful Season unreleased Browse Dean Evenson CDs
Dean & Dudley Evenson O Come Emmanuel What Child Is This Browse Dean Evenson CDs
Dean & Dudley Evenson Snowflakes unreleased Browse Dean Evenson CDs

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