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Each New Year, ECHOES revs up the Beats-Per-Minute and kicks out the jams for a New Year's Eve Techno-Tribal celebration. Drawing from the same well-springs of the usual ECHOES soundscape, ECHOES forms a seamless path into the new year, with music that dances in your head. John Diliberto matches beats and mixes atmospheres, riding the pulse of some of the newest ambient and techno-tribal music, creating the ultimate New Years Eve chill-out room. If your listeners are accustomed to ECHOES on Wednesday nights, this will be a special treat for them as we depart the year 2003 and welcome 2004.

ID#03-J07-00261 Wednesday, December 31, 2003 Echoes Program 53X
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name More Info

   First Half Hour
0:01:00 Arc Blaze Blaze
0:06:01 Asura Trinity Code Eternity
0:12:47 Nor Elle Into the Seas Paradisiac 3 (v/a)*
0:17:57 Conjure One Center of the Sun Conjure One
0:22:48 Waterbone Between Two Rivers Orion Prophecy
0:29:00 break

Second Half Hour
0:30:01 Moby Iss 18 B Sides
0:38:21 Shakatura Parachute Galactivation
0:44:30 Adham Shaikh Orcadrift Essence  
0:54:09 Max Melvin Slowburn Vintage Chill Volume 4.Winter (v/a)*  
0:58:30 close
0:59:00 break

Third Half Hour
0:01:00 Solar Fields Cosmic Desert Blue Moon Station more info
0:06:01 Medicine Drum Dub Scream Original Face
0:13:57 Mantra Girl Har Truth
0:19:35 Essa 3 Sundial Skydancing Nada Masala 3 (v/a)* more info
0:29:00 break

Fourth Half Hour
0:30:01 Jon Hopkins Private Universe Opalescent
0:35:22 Nigel Shaw Our Earth Ancestors more info
0:45:32 AfroCelts Cyberia Seed
0:52:49 Bob Holroyd Reawakening Spirits Without Within
0:58:25 close

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