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Echoes Program 0750B - Tuesday, December 11, 2007 & Monday, February 11, 2008
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First Half Hour
0:01:00  Jai Uttal & The Pagan Love Orchestra Watching the Signs MonkeyBuy From Amazon
0:06:01  William Susman Main Title Fate of the Lhapa Buy from CDBaby
0:09:08  Radio Massacre International Gibraltar Resonance: The Echoes Living Room Concerts Vol. 13 (v/a)* More Info
0:20:08  Shankar Song for Everyone Song for EveryoneBuy From Amazon
0:26:16  Mico Nonet Ruya The Marmalade Balloon Buy From Amazon
Buy From CDBaby

0:29:00 break      

Second Half Hour
0:30:00  Secret Sources with Mark Isham    
0:43:18  break      
0:30:01  Mark Isham Tales from the Maidan (excerpt) Castalia Buy From Amazon
0:31:31  Jon Hassell Mombasa (excerpt) City: Works of Fiction Buy From Amazon
0:33:21  Shrift God Only Knows (excerpt) Backspin (v/a)* Buy From Amazon
0:36:01  Steve Reich Music for a Large Ensemble (excerpt) Octet - Music for Large Ensemble - Violin Phase Buy From Amazon
0:37:26  Toru Takemitsu Quatrain (excerpt) Quatrain-A flock Descends… Buy From Amazon
0:38:46  John Williams Catch Me If You Can (Excerpt) The Music of John Williams: 40 Years of Film Music Buy From Amazon
0:40:06  Weather Report Second Sunday in August I Sing the Body Electric Buy From Amazon
0:43:06  break         
0:43:26  Mark Isham Reservation RoadReservation Road Buy From Amazon
0:47:28  Shrift God Only Knows Backspin (v/a)* Buy From Amazon
0:50:35  Jon Hassell Mombasa (excerpt) City: Works of Fiction Buy From Amazon
0:59:00 break     

Third Half Hour
0:01:00  Daniel PaulPandemoniumBetween Two WorldsBuy From Amazon
Buy From CDBaby
0:06:01  Carter Tutti Woven CloudsFeral Vapors of the Silver EtherBuy From Amazon
0:11:49  ArcSlipstreamFracture Buy From Amazon
0:21:37  JapancakesTo Here Knows When  LovelessBuy From Amazon
0:26:12  Fripp & Eno Timean Sparkles Beyond Even (1992-2006) Buy From Amazon
0:29:00  break    

Fourth Half Hour
0:30:01  Am-Boy Over the BridgeHorrible Oracle BlessednessBuy From Amazon
0:34:42 The Wimshurst's Machine Mountain Sunrise A Traveler Who Didn't Ask for GloryBuy From CDBaby
0:39:27  Seamus Egan When Juniper Sleeps Putumayo Kids Presents: Celtic Dreamland (v/a)*Buy From Amazon
0:43:21  break      
0:43:51  Antoine Dufour Naissance International Guitar Night (v/a)*Buy From Amazon
0:47:54  Tom Middleton St. Ives Bay LifetracksBuy From Amazon
0:54:15  Dana Cunningham Flying Over Water The Color of Light Buy From Amazon
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