Echoes Playlist

Echoes Program 0925C- Wednesday, June 24th
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name

First Half Hour
0:01:00  Jeff OsterSaturn Calling  True
0:06:00  AurahGoodbye  Loving Annabelle
0:07:47  Jeff JohnsonWatch and Pray  Journey Prayers
0:11:10  Johann JohannssonFordlandia  Fordlandia
0:24:46  William OrbitGolden Country  My Oracle Lives Uptown
0:29:00  break  

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0:30:00  An Interview with Matthew Schoening
0:37:46  break   
0:38:01  Matthew Schoening Leap of Faith  The Art of Live Looping / CDBaby
0:48:07  The Beyman BrothersMan of La Mantra Memories of Summer as a Child / MP3
0:55:14  Francois CoutureSieste Tape Speed / CDBaby
0:59:00  break  

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0:01:00  Harold Budd and Clive Wright Beautiful Intruder  Candylion
0:06:00  Ali Akbar Khan  Farewell  Journey
0:13:11 Ali Akbar Khan  Garden of Dreams  Garden of Dreams
0:20:14 Paul Ellis The Hydroelectric Spinning Heart The Last Hiding Place of Beauty
0:29:00  break  

Fourth Half Hour
0:30:00  Joseph Fire CrowRedtail Hawk  Face the Music
0:33:14  The Luminous World OrchestraSeedling  Threading the Ether
0:38:54  All India RadioLucky  A Low High
0:42:55  break   
0:43:10  Kalpataru Tree Speak My Language Preverberations from the Infinite Future
0:52:23  Bluetech Living Time  The Divine Invasion
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