Echoes Playlist

ID#04-J07-00008 Echoes Program 0402A
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name more info

First Half Hour
0:01:00 Philip Aaberg Before Barbed Wire Live from Montana
0:06:01 Evren Ozan Vigil As Things Could Be
0:09:51 Code Indigo Eden to Chaos Time Code
0:21:39 Cocteau Twins Pink Orange Red Tiny Dynamine  
0:26:19 Jesse Cook Worlds Away Nomad
0:29:00 break

Second Half Hour
0:30:01 Richard Burmer Apples on the Windowsill Treasures of the Saints
0:34:13 Conjure One Center of the Sun Chillout 04 (v/a)*
0:40:16 Air Mike Mills Talkie Walkie  
0:44:40 Kotaro Oshio Canon Dramatic
0:48:43 Break
0:49:13 Tom Rossi Coupling First One  
0:55:25 Uakti Danca dos Meninos Mapa  
0:58:30 close
0:59:00 break

Third Half Hour
0:01:00 Larry Coryell/BadiAssad/John Abercrombie After the Rain Three Guitars
0:06:01 Al Jewer & Andy Mitran Coyote Two Trees
0:12:58 Niladri Kumar Ya-Man If  
0:23:54 Michael Gulezian Tumbledweeb Bridges: The Echoes Living Room Concerts vol 9 (v/a)* more info
0:29:00 break

Fourth Half Hour
0:30:01 Kingsley Durant Emperor of the Air Away from the Water
0:33:07 Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning Voice of the Irish Patrick
0:38:47 Zero One Continuum pSy-fI  
0:45:00 break
0:45:30 Kevin Shields Goodbye Lost in Translation(v/a)*
0:47:33 Aine Minogue King of the Faeries The Twilight Realm  
0:53:19 Vir Unis The Sun in a Moment The Book of Mutations more info
0:58:25 close

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