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The Native flute started out as an instrument for males, a courting instrument of Lakota tribesmen. But Mary Youngblood is from a new generation of Native women who have made the instrument her own. Born of Seminole and Aleut parentage, Youngblood won a Grammy Award in 2002 for her CD, BENEATH THE RAVEN MOON (Silver Wave Records). Her latest CD is FEED THE FIRE and that's nominated for a Grammy this year. In this reprise broadcast, Mary Youngblood comes to the Echoes Living Room where she releases her Native flute melodies live.

Echoes Program 0501D - Thursday, January 6, 2005
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First Half Hour
0:01:00  Chinmaya Dunster  Chance Finding  Karma Circles   
0:06:01  Lanterna  Clear Blue  Passages: The Echoes Living Room Concerts volume 10 (v/a)*  more info 
0:09:53  Max Richter  Shadow Journal  Blue Notebooks   
0:17:52  Dom F Scab  Ningu  Twelve Stories  more info 
0:24:33  Kitaro  Peaceful Valley  The Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai Volume II 
0:29:00  break       

Second Half Hour
0:30:01  Nicholas Gunn  ViajeSagrado   Breathe   
0:33:52  Nicholas Gunn  En el Templo Antiguo  Breathe   
0:36:25  Loop Guru  Bathtime  Bathtime with Loop Guru   
0:40:02  Richard Ashe  Blues for a Blue World  Uroboros   
0:45:03  Scott Huckabay  A New Sunrise  Peace Dance   
0:49:51  Kwook  Dusk Midnight Dawn  Unidentified Feather Object   
0:59:00  break       

Third Half Hour
0:01:00  Vedvik/Tillman  Wings Over Water  Cinematic Volunteer 
0:06:00  Dave G  The Bush  Escape   
0:12:18  Stroutsos/Clipman/Eaton  Xiao Messenger at Midnight  Quiet Fire   
0:17:14  Stellamara  Szerelem  The Seven Valleys   
0:23:06  Orbital  Transient  Blue Album   
0:29:00  break       

Fourth Half Hour

A Living Room Concert with Mary Youngblood 
0:31:23  Mary Youngblood (Live)  Echoes  The Offering 
0:35:23  Mary Youngblood (Live)  Caress the Smile  Beneath the Raven Moon   
0:40:59  Mary Youngblood (Live)  Beneath the Raven Moon  Beneath the Raven Moon   
0:46:17  Mary Youngblood (Live)  Heart's Desire  Feed the Fire   
0:51:12  Ghostland  Cowboys and Indians  Guide Me God 
0:56:04  Bill Leslie  Mattamuskeet  Peaceful Journey 

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