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We travel to the San Francisco basement studio of Aryeh Frankfurter where he plays Nordic music for Celtic harp live on Echoes. Aryeh Frankfurter is a multi-instrumentalist based in San Francisco who can whip off world jazz fusion solos on violin or pluck the most delicate melody on Celtic harp. On his latest album, AURORA OF THE NORTHERN HARP (Lion Harp), he adapts music for Swedish Cow horn and clogged fiddle to his Celtic strings. We hear him do it live.

Echoes Program 0509A - Monday, February 28, 2005
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First Half Hour
0:01:00  Buckethead  Spell of the Gypsies  Electric Tears 

A Living RoomConcert with Aryeh Frankfurter 
0:06:41  Aryeh Frankfurter (Live)  Gratarevalsen (Melancholy Waltz)  Aurora of the Northern Harp  More info
0:12:05  Aryeh Frankfurter (Live)  Slangpolska After Kyss-Kalle  Aurora of the Northern Harp  More info
0:16:09  Aryeh Frankfurter (Live)  Polska after Pal Person/Turklaten  Aurora of the Northern Harp  More info
0:20:50  Aryeh Frankfurter (Live)  Lordagvisa (Saturday Song)  Aurora of the Northern Harp  More info
0:24:42  Aryeh Frankfurter (Live)  Bingjsövit  unreleased   
0:29:00  break       

Second Half Hour
0:30:00  Kitaro  Peaceful Valley  Sacred Journey of Ku Kai 2 
0:34:56  Happy Rhodes  The Chariot  Many Worlds Are Born Tonight 
0:40:12  Tim Story  Caravan (Opening)  Caravan   
0:42:13  Sound Tribe Sector 9  By the Morning Sun  Artifact 
0:45:32  Callisto  Setisphere Pt.1  Signal to the Stars 
0:52:19  Solas  Doireann's Waltz  Waiting for an Echo 
0:56:31  William Ellwood  Riding the Moon  Vista 
0:59:00  break       

Third Half Hour
0:01:00  Artemisia  The Green Hour  Hotel Tara 
0:06:01  Ben Tavera King  Rainbow Man  Coyote Moon 
0:11:32  Robert Rich  Terraced Fields  Propagation 
0:15:47  Paul Winter & Friends  After the Fleadh/Running Through the Woods with Keetu  Celtic Solstice 
0:22:17  Magic Sound Fabric  Levitation Groove  Uplift Drift 
0:29:00  break       

Fourth Half Hour
0:30:01  Nowomowa  The Age of Leisure:Ice Age 2000  The Wasted Lands   
0:33:36  Dom F. Scab  Lighthouse  Crosswords   
0:40:16  Phil Thornton  Eagle Dream  Dreamscapes 
0:46:19  The Album Leaf  Moss Mountain Town (edit)  In a Safe Place 
0:49:14  Soulfood  Canyon Echoes  Mystic Canyons 
0:55:07  Amethystium  Innocence  Evermind 

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