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September 22-26, 2003

Following is a listing of the musical selections airing on Echoes for the week of September 22-26, 2003.  The dates on the playlists are the dates the programs are distributed to stations.  Please check the program ID number to verify the program if your station broadcasts the program on a different day than it is distributed.

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Tuesday 09/23/03
Acclaimed cellist Yo-Yo Ma spends as much time in the world of cross-over as the world of classical music. On his latest album, Obrigado Brazil (Sony Classical), Ma gathers an all-star cast of Brazilian musicians including Sergio & Odair Assad, singer Rosa Passos, composer and multi-instrumentalist Egberto Gismonti and Cuban wind player Paquito D'Rivera, to play music born of Brazilian breezes and Amazon forests. Yo-Yo Ma and his musicians talk about a music of joy and that haunting Brazilian-Portugese melancholy known as "saudade."

Wednesday 09/24/03
Jairamji is the name taken by English musician Charlie Roscoe to release his ethno-ambient soundscapes. He merges eastern tonalities, Native American flute and finger-picking guitar styles along with rhythm loops and computer samples on his debut CD, KINDRED SPIRITS (Dakini Records). In the countryside of western England, Jairamji and his partner, flute player Andreas Kornevall, talk about music that begins on acoustic guitar and flute and ends in virtual space.

Thursday 09/25/03
Redshift is a retro-space music band led by longtime English synthesist Mark Shreeve. Their latest albums include HALO AND SIREN (Distant Sun Productions). In the front room of Mark Shreeve's London home, vintage 1970s era synthesizers like the Mini-Moog, Moog Series III and Arp 2600 sit alongside the latest digital gear and computers. With these instruments, Redshift performs live, in realtime. In this special edition of Redshift, Mark is joined by veteran synthesist Ian Boddy in two spontaneous deep space excursions. A track from this performance is on Bridges: The Echoes Living Room Concerts
Volume 9.

Friday 09/26/03
Based in New Hampshire, Randy Armstrong is a gifted acoustic guitarist who has been on the world fusion scene since the mid 1970s when he was a member of the world fusion chamber group, Doah. Since that band broke up, this New Hampshire-based artist has played more world fusion with Uno Mundo and his own trio. He recently composed the score to the PBS series, Dinner on the Diner (Ellipsis Arts) and now has a new solo CD, NO REGRETS (Domo). Randy comes to Echoes to talk about his music journey.

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